Sustainability Update 2016

Our regular Sustainability Updates provide a comprehensive picture of how we are striving to drive the sustainability agenda across all areas of our business, and our progress towards our goals.

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CAREton – A Lasting Partnership
The CAREton Project was launched in 2012, with the aim of building on Tetra Pak Malaysia’s existing work to promote recycling in partnership with our customer Nestlé. While the initial campaign focused on the environmental benefits, CAREton shows how recycling can help local communities, too.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Milestone for FSC™-Labelled Packages
Tetra Pak reached a significant milestone in early 2016, with the total number of FSC™-labelled packages delivered passing the 200 billion mark. The first Tetra Pak package to be labelled as made from Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™)-certified paperboard – meaning that it comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources and is traceable back to its origins – was delivered in 2007.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Environmental innovation: AND THE WINNER IS...

Responsible Production & Consumption

A Positive Contribution

Responsible Production & Consumption

Developing the Dairy Value Chain
The Dairy Hub concept goes to the heart of food safety and dairy development, by helping strengthen the dairy value chain in developing countries. The goal of Dairy Hubs is to help our customers in developing countries access better-quality, locally produced milk. At the same time, it helps smallholder farmers become profitable dairy producers, raising income and improving nutrition in areas that need it most.

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