Environmental innovation: AND THE WINNER IS...

Environmental innovation: AND THE WINNER IS...


Throughout 2015, Tetra Rex® Bio-based continued to win plaudits for innovation, and for its contribution to the development of truly sustainable packaging.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Update 2016

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International Forum: Packaging
The IF design awards were established in 1953, and are recognized worldwide as setting a standard for design excellence. Tetra Rex Bio-based won the 2015 Packaging award, following on from the success of Tetra Evero® Aseptic the previous year.

World Beverage Innovation: Best Carton
The World Beverage Innovation Awards are regarded as among the most credible and influential in the industry. Tetra Rex Bio-based was awarded the prize for Best Carton or Pouch.

Packaging Industry Awards: Packaging Sustainability
“At a time when we are using raw materials at a rate far beyond what the Earth can produce, it becomes important to reduce the use of these materials,” said the judges. “To create a large volume product such as a drinking carton in a fully renewable material has a clear effect on the environment and creates resonance that goes beyond the packaging industry.”

Ethical Corporation: Sustainable Innovation
Tetra Rex Bio-based outshone its rivals in this highly competitive category. In the citation, Ethical Corporation announced: “This award went to the company that most clearly demonstrated incorporation of sustainability into commercial objectives. The winner showed that they have created a definitive new product that has been incorporated into operations across the company.”

Packaging Europe: Sustainability
This is our second Packaging Europe Sustainability Award in the “Bio-Based” category. The judges spoke of our commitment as a market leader and household brand in investing to put a package on the market that is 100% derived from renewable feedstocks.

Oscar dell’Imballaggio: Special Environment Prize
The so-called Oscars of Packaging aim to bring awareness and recognition to remarkable innovations in packaging. This is the second consecutive year that Tetra Pak has received an award, confirming our reputation as a company at the forefront of sustainability.

Green Star Packaging Award: Sustainability
The judges’ favourite from the start, Tetra Rex Bio-based took first place in the “Environmentally friendly product” category.

Pro2Pac Excellence: Gold Award
The Pro2Pac awards were set up to discover the most exciting products, services and business solutions in the food and drink packaging industry. Entries are assessed by an independent panel of experts, who are looking for all-round excellence in the field of packaging.

DuPont Awards for Packaging: Silver Award
Judges at the 28th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation commented: “With effective on-pack communication, this package offers dairy and beverage brands a competitive advantage as consumers increasingly demand sustainably produced products. With it, Tetra Pak has shown a true commitment to sustainable packaging solutions that will inspire others to believe stretch targets on environmental performance are achievable.”

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