SiMPACT Strategy Group

The SiMPACT Strategy Group is a specialist agency in social impact management, measurement and valuation. We seek to build capacity and to transfer knowledge in every aspect of our work.

One of SiMPACT's core activities is facilitating LBG (London Benchmarking Group) Canada - a network of companies striving to maximize the value of corporate investment into Canada communities - for their community partners and for their own businesses.

The SiMPACT Strategy Group is also an expert in social return on investment (SROI). We work to build capacity in the use of the SROI methodology as a planning, program management and evaluation framework. SiMPACT's work in SROI enables investors, organizational leadership and program management to structure planning and program investment such that achieving maximum value is the result.

Flexible Media Releases

49 Days Until #SVM2020!


Social Value Canada
Social Value Canada (SVC) is proud to announce the re-launch of the Canadian social value network – an essential resource in the advancement (on the...

LBG Canada
Knowledge shared from LBG Canada, a network of community investment professionals. Topics may include: Importance of auditing and benchmarking...

Highlights from LBG Canada Community Investment Benchmarking
These are highlights from the LBG Canada Annual Community Investment Benchmarking Report 2010. The report presents essential management information...

Social Return on Investment Accreditation Training
Online Accreditation Training and Practitioners Exams

The Canadian Social Value Exchange
The Canadian Social Value Exchange (#SVCANEX) is an ongoing series of gatherings for members, thought leaders and practitioners across the breadth of...

Social Value Matters - Conference
This September, Social Value International is convening virtually to present and advance real conversations about how we re-think our approach. We...

Social Value Matters 2020 Speaker Profile - Mayor Lisa Helps & Mayor Josie Osborne
This September, Social Value Canada is convening Social Value International's #SVM2020 conference virtually from Toronto. We're thrilled to announce...

The SROI Network and Social Value International
Two of the most established and respected social impact organisations are joining forces to create the largest international social value network in...

National Volunteer Week
It is National Volunteer week! SiMPACT will be distributing articles and infographics regarding volunteering trends and best practice.

Measure your SiMPACT!
Blogs and multimedia on SROI, community investment, employee volunteering, and employee giving. Information provided to help organizations and...

LBG Canada & Imagine Canada partnership
Imagine Canada, national advocate on behalf of a strong charitable sector, has joined forces with London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Canada, a resource...

2017 LBG Canada Annual Meeting
Join community investment peers at the 2017 LBG Canada Annual Meeting - Inside Out: Transforming Approaches to Community Investment. Co-presented by...

Featuring SiMPACT
Articles highlighting SiMPACT and its Associates including focus articles on the organization and published articles on SiMPACT.

2015 LBG Canada Annual Meeting
Join colleagues on September 28, 29 and 30, in Toronto, for a series of vibrant conversations focussed on how to achieve impact goals, and how...

2014 LBG Canada Annual Meeting
The LBG Canada Annual Meeting is an opportunity for community investment professionals to connect with peers from across the country, to explore...

LBG Canada Benchmarking Trends
Infographics that demonstrate trends LBG Canada has noticed while auditing and benchmarking community investment data.

LBG Canada Case Studies
Participants in LBG Canada learn to apply performance measurement from a portfolio-wide perspective and a project-based perspective. The case studies...

2011 LBG Canada Annual Benchmarking Meeting
The Annual Benchmarking Meeting is an opportunity for LBG Canada community investment professionals to connect with peers from across the country, to...


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