#SVM2020 Speaker Profile Daniel Fujiwara

Aug 26, 2020 3:15 PM ET

Daniel Fujiwara

Daniel Fujiwara, PhD is the CEO and Founding Director of Simetrica-Jacobs and is known around the world for well-being analysis. Daniel’s work extends beyond the individual and demonstrates how we can embed well-being practice into the heart of business decisions and government policy. Daniel is the first featured speaker on #wellbeing at this year's #SVM2020 conference.

As a widely-published economist, Daniel’s research is focused on ethics, non-market valuation and behavioural science—all with a focus on measurably improving quality of life. At Simetrica-Jacobs, Daniel leads a multi-disciplinary team that provides research and training services on social impact measurement and policy evaluation to government departments and large corporations.

His well-being work influences design, decision-making, and implementation into the work of all sectors from arts to construction to sports, health, education, agriculture, international development and more.

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