Wall-to-Wall Entertainment

Wall-to-Wall Entertainment

The Feature Wall is part of a holistic experience in interactive learning at the CLP E-Playground.

The cartoon represents the Lion Rock spirit and the resilience of Hong Kong and CLP.

CLP Chief Corporate Development Officer Quince Chong (middle) joins Hong Kong-based muralist Bao Ho (right) and some students to paint the Feature Wall.

It takes 10 days to complete the mural.

Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 8:15am

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The CLP E-Playground is a fun and inspiring education platform for young people and members of the public to learn about energy, engineering, and environmental conservation. One of its most prominent installations among a number of interactive games and facilities is the Feature Wall.

Packed with stimulating designs and graphics in bright and vibrant colours to project a positive and energetic image to visitors, the 12-metre-long Feature Wall colourfully illustrates CLP’s vital role in the economic and social development of Hong Kong spanning more than a century…

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