PowerfulME Launches at Santa Barbara's 2013 Earth Day Event!

Consumer empowerment at CEC's Earth Day
Apr 18, 2013 3:45 PM ET
Campaign: PowerfulME

Santa Barbara, Ca., April 18, 2013 /3BL Media/ – A new consumer empowerment app will launch at the Community Environmental Council’s Earth Day event this weekend, April 20-21, at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara, CA. The event draws 35,000+ people and boasts such attractions as the 2013 Environmental Hero’s Awards, this year honoring Van Jones and Bill Nye. You will not want to miss the Green Car Show, the Eco-Marketplace, and New Noise’s two-day production of live music, speakers, and family programming. Be there!

Darrell Park, author of Better Than We Found It, has launched a new app via the Apple App store called PowerfulME.  He and the PowerfulME team will be showcasing the app (Booth number 320) alongside a number of other do-gooder products and companies.

The PowerfulMe App was created to allow users to support companies they believe in, and eat the foods and beverages that are aligned with their ethics, beliefs, and dietary preferences going forward. Download the app today and get started.

“Consumers have the money. They should have the power, “ states Darrell, CEO/Founder of PowerfulME.

Let’s face it - Earth Day is really every day. We are the stewards of precious and finite resources. Clean air and water must be managed and not taken for granted. Each of us can take more responsibility for what we buy, consume, and support. How many times have you walked into a friend’s kitchen, who you consider to be well educated and health conscious, and been amazed by the bad, packaged, sugary, GMO laden food or virgin wood paper goods that they are buying with their hard earned dollars? There are alternatives to such products! And there are often really good companies behind those products!

People are still learning to connect their education, lifestyle, beliefs, and dietary preferences with their buying decisions and consumer behavior. PowerfulME helps connect these dots in a very simple, practical way.

Like Wikipedia, app users can use the existing product and company data and sort it as they’d like. PowerfulME is a tool for smarter buying and encourages a more conscious, healthy, accountable marketplace.

The goal of PowerfulME is to help consumers shape marketplace behavior, and not be duped by good advertising.

To download the App for free, click here.

To view a demo of the App, click here.

To view a commercial about PowerfulME, click here.