Official Launch of PowerfulME on the Apple App Store

Consumer Empowerment to the NTH Degree
Apr 17, 2013 3:15 PM ET
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PowerfulME allows consumers to scan products while shopping at the market

Pasadena, Calif., April 17, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Darrell Park, author of Better Than We Found It, has launched a new app with the Apple App store called PowerfulME. Created for consumers of all types, PowerfulME allows people to spend their money on products, and companies, that are aligned with their own specific beliefs and dietary needs.

“Consumers have the money. They should have the power, “ states Darrell, Creator of PowerfulME.

The goal of PowerfulME is to help consumers shape marketplace behavior, and not be duped by good advertising by providing instantaneous ‘buy or don’t buy’ feedback at the very moment a purchase decision is being made.

Darrell came up with the idea of PowerfulME through his years of inquiry and observation regarding persistent societal issues. He kept finding that he, his family, friends, and colleagues were all buying products made by corporate giants that they did not respect or want to line the pockets of. With the smart phone age upon us, Darrell saw a natural solution to empower consumers by providing product and company details to help them make informed buying decisions.

First and foremost, PowerfulME is a community that empowers any user to create lists that can be used by millions of other consumers.  For instance, if you have Celiac disease and follow a gluten free diet, PowerfulME can assist you in purchasing such products, and you can assist the community by adding your knowledge of products and companies to the data that the community has already collected.  It will also help you avoid purchasing products that might be harmful to your dietary requirements. Through PowerfulME’s list building process you can find or make a list, for example, that drills down on the packaging details per item and reveals products made in allergen free factories.

Any user can create a list focused on issues they care about.  Want to take money out of politics?  Create a list of the companies that have injected their money into the political process and provide alternative companies that haven’t as alternatives.  Then other users can subscribe to you list and with the help of a very supportive community, you can document the exact dollar amount that each company lost due to their political follies, and show clearly how other businesses products were purchased instead.  There has never been a better way to punish bad companies and support good ones in the only language the marketplace really understands -- your hard earned dollars.

How is this possible? PowerfulME uses your Smartphone as a bar code scanner and a product info source. It enables you to read about the company creating the item and supports your buying decisions right there in the store or in any kitchen.

After installing the app on your phone, you are prompted to create or download lists that you support. Its like Wikipedia, its created and maintained by the people, for the people.

If you scan a product that should be avoided, your list will present substitutes; you can record what you bought, and didn’t buy, with the touch of a button. The dollar amounts of your purchases, and avoided purchases, are aggregated and can be viewed and used by you to directly help change marketplace behavior.  

Consider this, if you are the CEO of a sugary, caffeine-ridden multinational beverage company and more and more people using PowerfulME start connecting with one another and buying a more natural, health oriented beverage, your sales are going to decrease, your market share is going to decrease, and you may even be inspired to look more closely at your mission, your ingredients, and your impacts on society.

PowerfulME will create more conscious consumers. Conscious consumers will require better products from companies that have taken their market share for granted.

Darrell Park, PowerfulME’s Creator, says, “We recognize that there is a knowledge gap between consumers, the products they buy, and the companies they buy them from.  We are striving to close that gap and inform consumers, empowering them to make their own decisions with their dollars, without having to be an expert or blindly follow what companies marketing messages are telling them.”

The PowerfulME team has more than a 100 years of combined experience in the private and public sectors.  They understand both, and will do everything they can to use their knowledge and experience to expand the power of every consumer and actively work to make companies and industries more responsive to the needs and wishes of their customers.  

Park is most excited about the PowerfulME community.  “This has been a labor of love and we welcome you to the PowerfulME community.  As your use the app and the website, please give us feedback and suggestions for improvement.  We have worked hard to make PowerfulME easily to use, but we need your help to make it better.  We are really hoping you will help us change the world for the better and give consumers back their power”, said Park, as he fought back tears.


To see a demo of the App, click here.

To find the App on the Apple App Store, click here.