Entrepreneur Works Towards a Society That is “Better Than We Found It”

With a Book and Consumer Empowerment App, Darrell Park Tackles Some of Societies Smallest Large Issues
Jul 17, 2013 12:00 PM ET
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In his book, Darrell Park shows us simple solutions to some of the worlds toughest problems.

Pasadena, CA, July 17, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Tackling some of societies largest issues has proven a day-to-day mission for entrepreneur and Stanford Business School graduate, Darrell Park. As Founder/CEO of Better Than We Found It, Inc, he has aligned himself and his company with the thought leaders of today and is attending the World Economic Forum Discussion in New York City that is focusing on “A New Model of Capitalism: The Significance of B Corp Legislation in Delaware”. Better Than We Found It, Inc is preparing to be one of the first public benefit corporations in Delaware when the legislation comes into effect on August 1, 2013, as Darrell understands the link between entrepreneurship and the architectural design of society and uses this thought process to develop innovative and practical solutions.

Early 2012 saw the publishing of Darrell’s book, “Better Than We Found It,” – a matter-of-fact approach that demystifies the challenges facing our country, and identifies the tools and methods (that often already exist) with which those issues can be solved. Available for purchase at Amazon.com, a consumer review states, “This book restores [my] faith in the ability of individuals to make small changes towards big goals. Park breaks down dozens of heavy-hitting issues into bite-sized, sharp summaries. He then gives sensible advise about steps the reader can take – sometimes in less than 10 minutes – towards moving our nation in the right direction on the issue.”

Along side the book, Darrell recently launched a consumer empowerment App, PowerfulME, currently available at the Apple App store. After seeing a documentary exposing the Koch Brothers’ and the consistent corruption within their political ties, Darrell realized he was like every other supermarket shopper – through buying Brawny paper towels and Angel Soft toilet paper, he was supporting the Koch brothers and their political influences with his own hard earned dollars. Through this experience, Darrell saw an opportunity to utilize mobile technology to enable consumers to become instantly informed and empowered smart-shoppers without wasting money or time.

Whether discussing ways to empower the American public or launching tools to help them act, Darrell has a passion for finding real world solutions to America’s problems. Darrell says, “Imagine if every American began supporting more conscious companies to grow and get market share in the economy, and bought more American made goods. Our citizens would thrive, our economy would thrive and our nation would thrive. The solutions are right in front of us, we just need to work together and make things happen.

As a life-long public policy nerd, he earned a graduate degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University and embarked on a nearly decade-long stint as a career civil servant in the White House complex, where he saw first-hand the historic multi-year balancing of the Federal Budget and experienced what was possible when America is motivated towards a common goal. He then moved west to attend Stanford Business School, joined a start-up, and fell in love with the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurship.

Darrell is just one of the many business leaders attending the World Economic Forum Discussion in support of a better way to do business -- better for workers, better for communities, better for the environment. By serving a higher purpose and by meeting higher standards of transparency and accountability, B Corporation businesses build our most important asset -- trust. This trust enables these businesses to attract the best talent and turn customer money into purpose.

Purpose is really what Darrell is all about. His purpose is to do everything he can for a better tomorrow for his wife, son, and society as a whole as a B Corp aligned business leader. For additional information about Better Than We Found It, Inc’s mission, book or the PowerfulME App, please email dp@betterthanwefoundit.com.


About Better Than We Found It, Inc

Darrell Park founded Better Than We Found It, Inc to ultimately honor the courage, vision, and determination of individuals and organizations that empower consumers and make the marketplace more fair and transparent. Through it’s own empowerment tools, Better Than We Found It focuses on turning individuals and businesses into forces of good, instead of just forces for maximizing profits.





Darrell Park

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