Committed Dad Starts a Consumer Revolution from Your Shopping Cart

PowerfulME allows shoppers to scan products and gain knowledge about that product
Jun 25, 2013 11:30 AM ET
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June 25, 2013 /3BL Media/ - Darrell Park, a Southern California-based entrepreneur, Stanford Business School grad, and parent found himself at the “Conscientious Projector” Movie Series in Pasadena, CA a few years ago watching a documentary featuring conservative, billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. The film went to lengths to expose their tremendous financial influence over US politics and the enormous corporate malfeasance linked to them, that has led to the stymieing and killing of environmental regulations.

As he sat there, he felt many things. He felt small and frustrated because he had unintentionally been supporting He felt like he could help.  He felt furious to the point of frozen and he felt hot to the point of wanting to cry. He felt a suffocating silence, but he felt like he knew exactly what could be done.

Darrell realized that he was just like every other supermarket shopper. By buying Brawny paper towels and Quilted Northern toilet paper, he was supporting the Koch brothers and their political influences with his own hard earned dollars. 

Darrell added up the dollars over his adult life, and gagged. He was literally contributing to a politically charged group that went against his own beliefs, morals and societal values. Before now, he thought he was an informed consumer – how could he not have been aware of his shopping choices and whom they benefitted? 

That’s the issue, we consumers just don’t know what we are buying and who makes what we are buying. Even with the information age upon us, we still don’t have all of the information about the products we buy or the companies that make them. There is a tremendous knowledge gap between consumers and where their money really goes. 

Enter PowerfulME. Darrell created something he wanted to use and designed it so that any consumer can help start a consumer revolution.

Darrell saw an opportunity to take technology that already exists and put it to better use. He now helps consumers find products and companies that they would be proud to support.  PowerfulME allows shoppers to scan products in their shopping carts, or even at home in their pantries, and gain knowledge about that product and the company that make them. The App enables any user to create their own lists to share with their families and like-minded shoppers. If you’re a diabetic, or gluten free, you can set up a list for those specific needs or find an existing list that suits your preferences. 

If you’re Darrell, you set up a list that tells you every time you’re about to purchase a product from a big, nasty conglomerate, and guides you to products made by conscious small and medium size businesses instead.

Darrell has always been an advocate for change. His book, “ Better Than We Found It” is a statement of reason and common sense, addressing many of our nations challenges and issues with solutions - some simple, some outlandish. But at least he’s getting it out there.

The PowerfulME App is a solution in the form of an action. It’s a free App that allows Americans to help other Americans by sharing information and exposing false advertising, foul play, BS, or just plain unhealthy products and companies.  

And, it has a very positive side effect for companies that are doing the right thing. It can massively lower the marketing costs of high quality small and medium size businesses because it introduces motivated consumers to great products right at the point that the shopping cart is being filled.

Fired up? Join Darrell at and make your lists today.

Thoughtful small and medium sized businesses, please contact us directly at: for details on strategic partner opportunities.

Let the good times roll and let’s make sure that the good guys win.



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