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The Taproot Foundation's Advisory Services practice helps companies engage their talent to drive social change. As trusted advisers to over 85 Fortune 500 companies across industries, we bring business and social impact goals together through customized pro bono initiatives.

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Social Impact & Volunteering

Service at a Distance: How Virtual Pro Bono Can Help Others Now
Just because your programs will look a little different during social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t provide top-quality pro bono service. As long as you’re thinking critically and being a little creative with design, you can have a real impact on the organizations you serve in their greatest time of need.

Events, Media & Communications

WEBINAR: Supporting the Social Sector Through Virtual Pro Bono Programming
In this webinar, Taproot Foundation will guide practitioners through virtual pro bono programming and why it’s so critical in our current climate. Practitioners will walk away with valuable insights, resources, and clear next steps to get started.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

The Top 5 Ways Your Company Can Help Nonprofits Right Now Through Pro Bono
Social good organizations everywhere have suddenly lost primary sources of funding and access to volunteer support, all while they’re working nonstop to sustain their services and scrambling to serve increased needs.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Making a Difference by Sharing Expertise
MetLife Foundation focuses on improving the financial health of low-income people. And that can be done in many different ways, including by making a social impact in local communities. Thanks to MetLife volunteers, numerous nonprofit organizations have gained invaluable help and improved their futures – without spending a dollar.

Innovation & Technology

Groupon and Tableau Bring Data Visualization to the Nonprofit Sector
Taproot’s U.S. Pro Bono Summit is an opportunity for key stakeholders in the field of corporate pro bono to come together and discuss trends and developments across the sector. It’s also a place where practitioners can collaboratively brainstorm new ideas that will create impact for nonprofit organizations.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Quick Consult: Innovative Tactics to Drive Employee Recruitment
You’ve built a great pro bono program and you have a group of motivated nonprofit partners eager to get started, but you’re struggling to get the right employees signed up. Does this sound familiar? Taproot has seen this time and time again and wanted to share a few tactics that we’ve seen be successful.

Research, Reports & Publications

New Resource: Pro Bono As a People Strategy
Taproot has long made the case that a strong corporate pro bono program is a triple win—nonprofits receive the support they need, companies build deeper relationships with their communities, and employees have the opportunity to apply their skills in new and meaningful ways. While a good deal of evidence supports pro bono as a powerful social impact strategy, practitioners often struggle to articulate the business case for pro bono.

Green Infrastructure

Building More Resilient Communities: Pro Bono As a Tool for Disaster Preparedness
From massive natural disasters to complex and escalating conflicts, communities around the world experienced unprecedented incidences of crises requiring emergency response last year. The global cost for natural disasters in 2017 alone totaled $330 billion. In the wake of disasters, many companies mobilize to offer volunteers for on-the-ground rapid response activities and to provide financial assistance, often spending significant portions of their philanthropic budget on disaster relief. But, is there room for more to be done?

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Quick Consult: Getting Past the Myth of "Not Enough Time"
One of the most common concerns companies share when thinking about developing a pro bono program is that their employees are strapped for time. What they find, though, is that smart pro bono program design can go a long way to address this concern.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Find Your Company's Pro Bono Sweet Spot with Taproot's New Framework
The Pro Bono Sweet Spot framework asks companies to consider four key factors – unique at each company – that will affect their programs’ impact. A company’s pro bono sweet spot is the area where the social impact they want to have, their available skills and expertise, the business objectives that matter most to them, and any contextual information or constraints overlap. This approach has the power to take corporate pro bono to the next level.
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