Sustainable Economy

GRI provides the market with leadership on consistent sustainability disclosures, and works with policy makers, stock exchanges, regulators and investors in order to drive transparency and enable effective reporting. We believe that reporting with globally recognized standards leads to increased accountability, which is one of the cornerstones for building strong, sustainable economies.

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Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

News From the Capital Markets
In this new series, GRI will share updates on the latest developments from capital markets in Europe and the world, and how it's interacting with them to promote and enable change. The World Federation of Exchanges has established sustainability as a priority for the coming year. In line with this, the Colombo Stock Exchange in Sri Lanka has launched its guidance, Communicating Sustainability: Six Recommendations for listed companies. Colombo Stock Exchange is also working together with GRI to support listed companies in their sustainability reporting efforts.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

GRI and Colombo Stock Exchange in Partnership for Better ESG Reporting
The Colombia Stock Exchange and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) will work together to provide guidance to listed companies on ESG disclosures in Sri Lanka. GRI will also facilitate regional peer-to-peer learning with other stock exchanges and capacity building for CSE staff through workshops, seminars and training.

Sustainable Development Goals

GRI Embarks Upon New Phase of Partnership With Swedish Government
GRI and the Swedish International Development Agency are embarking on a new joint program, which includes a partnership with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. This new phase has a specific focus on ​poverty alleviation, equality and human rights, and will stimulate responsible business towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Sustainability Reporting for SMEs Made Simple
Small and medium sized enterprises have a huge impact on our global society and world. In this video, GRI Chief Executive Tim Mohin talks about why SMEs should join the GRI Competitive Business Program, designed to help SMEs get started with sustainability reporting.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Sustainable Investment in Europe at a Crossroads
The pull from institutional investors for sustainability has virtually doubled since 2012. In this article, Eurosif's Executive Director Flavia Micilotta discusses the trends and challenges of SRI, and issues recommendations for creating a sustainable financial policy framework.

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

GRI’s Collaboration With PRI Boosts Responsible Investment and Action Towards the SDGs

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Asia: At the Vanguard of Sustainable Business
Asia is moving aggressively towards greater corporate transparency around important sustainability topics. In this blog, GRI's Chief Executive Tim Mohin analyzes the main drivers behind this trend, and presents aspirations for the future.

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