GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards

Globally accepted sustainability reporting standards create a common language for organizations and stakeholders by which impacts of organizations can be communicated and understood. They provide organizations with a standardized way to describe their economic, environmental and social impacts and increase the quality of information available to stakeholders, thereby enabling greater accountability of organizations. GRI Standards are designed to enhance the global comparability and quality of sustainability information, resulting in greater transparency on economic, environmental and social impacts. GRI Standards are developed and approved by the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) with the intention of those standards being applied on a globally consistent basis thus providing stakeholders with the ability to compare the impacts of organizations.

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Protecting Nature Is Central to the Climate Change Debate
Last month in the United Arab Emirates, the global community gathered for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), resulting in an important agreement signed on commitments and actions that seek to mitigate climate change.

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Help Guide GRI’s Standard-Setting Priorities
A global recruitment call is underway to appoint new members to the body that underpins the continued success of the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Standards.

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Europe Signals Alignment With GRI Standards
Adoption of new EU sustainability standards underlines progress on global interoperability

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GRI Keeps Up Standard Setting Momentum
I began in the role of Chair of the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) just over three months ago – a relatively short space of time yet much has happened already.

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New Guidance on How GRI Reporting Can Best Incorporate Disability Issues
A new version of the Disability in Sustainability Reporting guide has been launched by Disability Hub Europe (DHUB), which takes account of recent changes in sustainability reporting, including the 2021 update to the GRI Universal Standards.

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Digging Deeper in the GRI Mining Standard
A new Sector Standard for mining from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is under development, which aims to improve the quality of reporting over the sector’s impacts – with a public consultation on the proposed Standard closing at the end of April.

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Letter From Chair of GRI's Global Sustainability Standards Board
Commitment to collaboration on sustainability standard setting from GRI

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One Week To Go in GRI Biodiversity Consultation
The public comment period for an exposure draft that proposes a significant revamp to the Biodiversity Standard (GRI 304) closes on 28 February

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Unearthing Mining Impacts With New GRI Sector Standard
ESG disclosure standard for mining sector coming soon - contribute to the GRI public comment period

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Beyond COP15: Securing Business Accountability on Biodiversity
The adoption of the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework, signed at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) last month, is without doubt a major milestone, committing the world to halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030.

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