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P&G | Equality & Inclusion

Equality & Inclusion: We aspire to create a company and a world where equality and inclusion is achievable for all; where respect and inclusion are the cornerstones of our culture; where equal access and opportunity to learn, grow, succeed and thrive are available to everyone. We stepped up our ongoing efforts to advance equality for all people. We established the P&G Take On Race Fund to help fuel organizations that fight for justice, advance economic opportunity, enable greater access to education and health care and make our communities more equitable. And we continued our series of films that shine a light on inequality and spark dialogue, including: CircumstancesEstamos Unidos and The Choice. We created “Can’t Cancel Pride: COVID-19 Relief Benefit for the LGBTQ+ Community” as a virtual relief effort to help raise visibility and funds for LGBTQ+ communities most impacted by COVID-19. Our Company and brands continued to use their voice to advance gender and intersectional equality. We supported the TIME 100 Women of the Year project, spotlighting influential women from 1920 to present day who made tremendous contributions to humanity.


Content from this campaign

"A Beacon in the Middle of the Shenandoah Valley" For LGBTQ+ People
When Emily Sproul plunged into the role of executive director of the Shenandoah Valley LGBTQ Center, she found that it was the dream job she never knew she wanted. At the time she took over leading the center, two of her four children had come out, and she knew there was a need for the type of resources this center provided to the LGBTQ+ community in the Staunton, Virginia area. “What I...
Jun 18, 2021 12:50 PM ET
Leading With Love During Pride Month 2021
Pride has a different look this year, featuring less masks and more in-person celebrations. However, the meaning and purpose behind advocating for and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community is just as – if not more – important. At P&G, we strive to Lead with Love not only during Pride Month, but every month. Whether we’re in a global pandemic or not, the LGBTQ+ community faces complex and...
Jun 10, 2021 1:15 PM ET
Employee Successfully Pivots Career from Admin to Supply Chain Technician
When Omayra Serrano moved from New York City to Dayton, a mid-sized city in Ohio, to be closer to her family, she thought she would continue working in the field of administration. But, an unexpected opportunity — and a leap of faith on Omayra’s part — turned into a new career pathway at our Dayton Mixing Center. Watch how Omayra Serrano took...
May 4, 2021 2:20 PM ET
P&G's Widen the Screen Initiative Invests in Black Talent on Both Sides of the Camera
Some of film’s simplest images of Black life have a way of inspiring deep-seated dread in audiences. A shot of two boys entering a convenience store can have viewers guessing whether they’ll make it out alive. Black female characters are too often saddled with outdated stereotypes disguised as “strength” with little to no development. Even moments of joy seem like brief segues to...
Apr 6, 2021 3:20 PM ET
P&G Echoes Call To #StopAsianHate
It’s concerning to see a disturbing wave of anti-Asian violence in recent weeks, including burglaries and assaults targeting Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals. These incidents come more than a year after many began experiencing coronavirus-related racism. These unfortunate events are examples of ongoing bias, racism, and instances of brutality that too many of our...
Apr 1, 2021 9:15 AM ET


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