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We are working to reduce our forest footprint by 50% while unlocking the power of the world’s forests to help solve the climate and biodiversity crises.

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Kimberly-Clark Among the First to Join WWF's New Forests Forward Program
As Kimberly-Clark works to provide the essential products its consumers need to care for themselves and their families, it is committed to doing so in a manner that cares for the world’s forests and the diversity of life they support.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Kimberly-Clark Receives Highest Rating of 3 Trees on WWF UK’s Timber Scorecard
The purpose of the WWF UK’s Timber Scorecard is to encourage transparency in sourcing and shine a light on companies who are committed to sustainably sourcing timber products. It tracks progress towards 2020 sustainability targets.


Kimberly-Clark and Appalachian Woodlands Alliance Empower Small Landowners to Safeguard Forests
Strong partnerships are critical to engage the entire supply chain in responsible forest practices, and to safeguard forest ecosystems around the world.

Research, Reports & Publications

XPRIZE Identifies 10 Future Breakthroughs Required to Protect Our Forests
Today, on the United Nations’ International Day of Forests, XPRIZE is releasing the Future of Forests Impact Roadmap, created in partnership with Kimberly-Clark Corporation. The digital report and its interactive website, based on future foresight techniques, illustrate the breakthroughs required for a healthier forest ecosystem, which might be the basis of future XPRIZE competitions.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Kimberly-Clark Employees Lend a Helping Hand to Families Affected by Tennessee Forest Fires
More than 14,000 people were forced from their homes as a result of the recent Tennessee wildfires. While the flames have come to a halt, they have left boundless destruction in their wake.


One Simple Action: How FSC, Kimberly-Clark Are Engaging Consumers in Sustainable Forestry
The unprecedented corporate-NGO partnership includes FSC, WWF, HP Inc., International Paper, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble and Williams-Sonoma, Inc., all of which sell FSC-certified products.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Kimberly-Clark: Joint Campaign on FSC & Responsible Forestry Wins Silver in a Major PR Award in Asia
The campaign, titled ‘Responsible Forestry’, aimed to raise awareness and educate consumers on the importance of choosing FSC-certified products – by inviting them to play an active role in protecting forests. The campaign focused on Asia Pacific markets and a series of localized campaigns across Taiwan, Australia, and Singapore, which educated consumers and brought about a change in behavior.


Kimberly-Clark: Why Sustainability Matters
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