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Since 1997, the World Environment Center (WEC) has convened over 200 thought leadership events in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Our events provide executive leaders with a platform to share strategic insights, learnings and best practices. WEC’s Thought Leadership agenda is...
A blog focused on corporate leadership in sustainability, highlighting the voices of WEC leaders and member companies.
The World Environment Center oversees a range of capacity building initiatives that advance sustainability, including: improving energy efficiency; reducing the use of water and other natural resources; enhancing environmental, health and safety performance; reducing chemical risks; investing in...
The WEC Gold Medal Award for International Achievement in Sustainable Development is one of the most prestigious forms of recognition of a global company's ongoing commitment to the practice of sustainable development. Only global manufacturing, processing or service corporations that can...
WEC members represent a variety of business sectors and conduct operations in all regions of the world. Members are selected based on their practice of sustainable development in their own operations and their commitment to advance sustainability globally in partnership with stakeholders.Visit us...


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