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Atlas Copco is all about innovation-it is a driving force in everything we do. Learn how we strive to save energy, provide ergonomic equipment, and secure minimal impact on the environment.Click here for our Innovation Stories.
With businesses in more than 180 countries and a diverse group of employees we are a truly global company. Our values and unique corporate identity unite us no matter where we operate. This diversity brings perspective, dynamics and attracts talent. It also keeps us successful and secures that we...
Our size and global reach give us a large platform to do good. We take that responsibility seriously and always act in the best interests of our local communities and the local economy.Human rightsHuman rights are integrated into our goals and are driven throughout our organization by the...
The health and wellbeing of our staff is vital to us, which is why we set such exacting standards for workplace safety.A healthy and motivated workforce is more productive and necessary for a reliable supply chain in the long run. To this end our global Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) policy...


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