Making Playtime Electrifying

Making Playtime Electrifying

The CLP E-Playground has been given a splash of colour and creativity by Hong Kong artists.

The energy-themed playground is on the rooftop of a training camp site and surrounded by lush greenery.

A neon light sign captures the essence of the playground.

The CLP E-Playground features games related to power generation, including Power Challenge, which consists of a two-sided magnetic wall and teaches players about the principles of pumped-storage hydro power.

Visitors can play table tennis through a huge tube instead of the usual rectangular table. It demonstrates the concept of a natural gas transmission line.

The Power Fan bikes enable visitors to learn about the challenges of electricity generation and understand the importance of energy saving.

In a tribute to the nearby Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, CLP has created an Energy Vision Tree in the atrium of the playground where visitors can learn about solar and wind energy.

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The first energy-themed playground in Hong Kong is now open! The CLP E-Playground offers a new dimension in learning for young people curious about the electricity that powers their daily lives. Check it out: #CLPGroup #CLPsustainability #CLPInnofinity
Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 8:15am

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Electricity drives modern society. However, it’s so embedded into our everyday lives that young people often take electricity for granted and pay no attention to the science behind power generation.

Learning about electricity doesn’t have to be boring. Imagine if there was a fun and insightful way to find out about the power journey – from generation to transmission, distribution, and use of electricity…

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