Empowering Sustainable Decisions

Empowering Sustainable Decisions

GRI’s work is already embedded in different types of decision making across the world, whether through businesses using the sustainability reporting process to understand, manage and communicate their impacts on critical issues, or governments using this reported information to build smarter policy. Through partnerships, GRI is also advancing sustainable development and responsible investment. 

GRI aims to empower decision makers everywhere to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world. Please visit our website here to learn more about GRI.

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Governance to Empower the GRI Standards
November 18, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Three appointments have been made...
Nov 18, 2020 8:35 AM ET
Refreshed Global Leadership for GRI Board
November 17, 2020 /3BL Media/  - GRI, provider of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards, has announced changes to its Board of Directors. The appointments come at a time when corporate sustainability is high on the global agenda – reinforced by the impact of the pandemic and the need to quicken progress on the Sustainable Development Goals – all of which...
Nov 17, 2020 8:35 AM ET
Rising Trust in Sustainability Reporting Around the World
October 14, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Research across 27 markets has found that trust in how companies communicate their sustainability performance has increased to a record 51% this year, with significant variations by country. The survey from GlobeScan and GRI asked 1,000 people in each location to indicate whether they agree that companies are honest and truthful about their social and...
Oct 14, 2020 8:30 AM ET
A Powerful Interim Step Towards a Single, Coherent Global Set of Reporting Standards
September 15, 2020 /3BL Media/ - The five global sustainability, ESG and integrated reporting framework and standard setting organizations have today launched a report outlining the elements necessary for more comprehensive corporate reporting. The shared vision is provided by GRI, CDP, Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB),...
Sep 15, 2020 8:15 AM ET
Opportunities to Shape GRI's Governance
August 3, 2020 /3BL Media/ - GRI is continuing a global search to find new members for two of its main decision making and advisory functions. An open call has been launched for nominations to join: The GRI Board of...
Aug 3, 2020 8:50 AM ET