Dell Focus Area | NET POSITIVE

Dell Focus Area | NET POSITIVE

Traditionally, many corporate social responsibility programs aimed to reduce the negative impact a company has. We believe the future belongs to those who can find solutions that create a positive social impact – not only reducing the negatives but increasing the positives, too. Such solutions can give more to society, the environment and the global economy.

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What is Net Positive?
Net Positive refers to products, solutions or even organizations where the measure of the handprint is bigger than the footprint.

Net Positive and online education
We worked with ASU to measure the impact of technology in online education. Here’s what we found in terms of socio-economic benefits versus carbon footprint.

Virtualization delivers more computing
VMware has studied the collective impact of customers using their server virtualization products. Here’s what we found in terms of CO2e avoided.

The sustainability benefits of flexible work
We were curious about the Net Positive effects of telecommuting. Here is our study, with information on how our flex work programs help Dell employees reduce their footprint.

Our quest to quantify Net Positive
Setting standards around how to measure/identify Net Positive results can help everyone understand the true impact of the products and services they use. That’s where the Net Positive Project comes in.

2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Progress Report: Net Positive 
Explore the net positive section of Dell FY19 2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update at


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