Back To School Tips: Tip #1 Time Management

Back To School Tips: Tip #1 Time Management

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 12:30pm


It’s August and for high school students across the country that can only mean one thing: the start of another school year is right around the corner. Well, we’re going to help make that transition easier for you this year by offering some weekly back to school tips.
This week’s tip: Time Management.
It’s difficult to hit the ground running once the school year starts, so try to begin the year with a plan that incorporates time management. If you don’t manage your time efficiently you’ll feel lost and run the risk of falling behind. If you manage your time appropriately by prioritzing what’s truly important in your day to day routine, you’ll probably find that you actually have more time on your hands.
Below are some time management tips that a couple of Major League baseball players have shared with Action Team Captains during past Action Team monthly conference calls. They just might come in handy when you’re managing your time.
Do you have any time management tips to share? If so, please add them to this blog’s comments section.
C.J. Wilson, pitcher, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:
“Being focused allows you to manage your time better. I think a lot of people waste time with things that are not important. If you come up with four or five things that are part of your routine and are the most important things to you, then that allows everything else to kind of trickle down into little buckets of time. That’s where you can find time to put into your side projects. Some things just aren’t important. If you really like one or two TV shows, that’s cool. But there probably aren’t eight or 10 TV shows that you really need to watch. Your DVR can take care of that for you…Delegate, focus, make goals, and DVR. Those are the rules.”
Curtis Grandersons, outfielder, New York Mets
“A big part of your school and life experience is time management. As you slowly start to check things off your to-do list, that sense of accomplishment allows you to realize that you can do a bunch of different things and also still take care of what’s important to you.”
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