Action Team Captains Take Action Against Hunger, Featured in Local Paper

Action Team Captains Take Action Against Hunger, Featured in Local Paper

Action Team Captains from Robert B. Glenn High School (NC) held a can food drive on national food day to see how many canned goods they could fit in their principal's office to be donated.

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Friday, November 6, 2015 - 1:35pm

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Oct. 16 marked the annual celebration of World Food Day. It was also the day that Glenn High School Principal Brad Craddock walked into his office to find his entire desk covered with non-perishable canned and boxed food, 192 items to be exact.

The Action Team captains at the school in Kernersville, N.C., had covered his desk with the donated food in celebration of World Food Day.

“We wanted to get involved because we heard that there was such a need for non-perishable food,” Action Team coordinator and English teacher Laura Horn explained.

Captains collected food the entire week with intentions of filling Craddock’s whole office with canned and boxed goods, which initially caused some concern. The student volunteers, however, still managed to load up his desk with food for the needy.

“It’s a day of action against hunger,” student Ariel Knight told the local newspaper. “Some people harvest food or pass out food, but we decided to have a food drive. This is important because one day this could be us needing help, so while we can, we should help those in need.”

All of the collected cans and boxes were donated to a local food bank at Glenn View Baptist Church.

“Our food drive was a success because any amount of food to give to someone in need is great. We helped more people than we think, and it made someone happy, which is all that matters,” said Rachel Craddock, the Action Team club president.

Captains noted their next service project will be collecting blankets for the homeless during November.

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