At Humana, we love helping people be healthier. It’s what we do to make a positive impact on the lives we touch and communities we serve.

That’s what being a good corporate citizen means to us.

We work with our employees, members and communities so that everyone has a chance to achieve their best health, to lead a healthy life.

Together with our partners – people who care about contributing to a healthy, inclusive society – we are helping people have more healthy days.

And when we focus on health – of the people we serve, the planet, and our company’s performance – we truly do well by doing good.


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Healthy Performance
Our Healthy Performance platform includes our commitment to ethical practices and the pursuit of excellence. We recognize that accountability and...

Healthy People
Our Healthy People platform encompasses our support of people who endeavor daily to live a healthy life — to eat right, stay active and exercise their...

Healthy Planet
Our Healthy Planet platform includes efforts to mitigate the environmental impacts of our business. We recognize the dynamic link between...


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