Spotted While Scrolling: Social Impact Highlights

Feb 1, 2022 11:05 AM ET
"Spotted While Scrolling: Social Impact Highlights"

Spotted While Scrolling: Social Impact Highlights

Here’s what we saw while scrolling LinkedIn this month. Congrats, RW partners and clients, on setting a high bar for companies around the world. We hope to see more of you tell your stories so we can help spread the word!

Medtronic was named as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work – one of my goals for the future of Realized Worth – and while I’m envious, I’m not surprised! The individuals we’ve worked with at Medtronic, with their drive, authenticity, compassion, and intelligence, are an unquestionable testament to the privilege of working with a company who cares deeply for their people, both inside and outside the company. One quote I saved from RW’s early days of working with Medtronic? “If we’re not serving the most marginalized of society, how can we claim that we’ve done everything we can? We have to keep going until we get to the edges.” With that kind of commitment to humanity, no wonder Medtronic is a best place to work!

Abbott is absolutely killing it, providing BINAX NOW COVID test kits at airports around the world! I can confirm; this test made my holiday travel back from Canada smooth and painless. The best part? The employee pride as we work behind the scenes with the Global Responsibility team at Abbott is contagious. We’re #abbottproud, too! With their Future Well Kids program, Abbott has set a high bar for employee engagement in meaningful volunteerism. Just watch for what’s coming next in this program and others – you’ll want to take notes and follow suit!