P&G and Whirlpool Partner to Bring Clean Laundry to Earthquake-Stricken Italy

Apr 3, 2017 11:15 AM ET

Cone Communications Insights

When it comes to disaster relief, it's all hands on deck – and companies are stepping up in increasing numbers to provide donations, products and services to help those in need. Although some schools of thought may suggest steering clear of in-kind donations, with the right partner these donations can make all the difference on the ground. Now, two major companies are joining forces to deliver just the type of help needed in the wake of disaster.

When earthquakes struck central Italy in January, an unlikely duo stepped forward to provide relief. Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool Corporation recently partnered to support communities affected by the earthquakes by providing complementary in-kind donations. The companies worked with the Italian Civil Protection Department to donate 10 laundry containers equipped with washing machines, dryers, irons and laundry detergent. The washing units, active 24 hours a day free of charge, will be installed in earthquake-affected areas such as Norcia, Ancarano, Frascaro, Popoli, San Pellegrino and Savelli.

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