Mohawk Group’s Nutopia Collection Brings Biophilic Inspiration to Wayfinding

Aug 2, 2018 2:10 PM ET

Mohawk Group Blog | Sustainability

Nutopia by Mohawk Group Intersects Nature and Urban Fabric

Nutopia, one of our newest Living Products, explores natural effects in urban settings for a new take on biophilic patterns. The unique carpet tile collection meets the most stringent sustainability requirements while offering a multitude of wayfinding and branding opportunities.

Nutopia made its debut at at NeoCon, featured in our showroom as well as at The Future Is party. The collection itself draws its inspiration from the concept of urban fabric. Designers considered the ideas of balance, acceptance and integration – all part of human interaction in an urban landscape – and the result includes four extraordinary 12″ x 36″ carpet plank styles that can be used individually or specified as a cohesive system.

Biophilia Inspired Carpet Tile Collection Nutopia

Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s VP of Design and Product Development, said, “Biophilia is part of every pattern in our life. The process of natural weathering and the passage of time is something that really inspired us for the Nutopia patterns.”

The four designs, Urban Passage, Urban Field, Urban Fringe and Urban Canvas, were developed to work together, simplifying specification with two neutral field patterns, a bold accent pattern and a transition pattern that coordinate perfectly. The four styles are available in either a cool gray or warm taupe base, and depending on the accent colors used, layouts can be subdued and subtle or vivid and dramatic, mirroring the dynamics of the city life from which they were inspired.   Nutopia Carpet Tile Collection Supports Wayfinding
  Nutopia’s modular design elements culminate in a flooring system especially suited for workplace or higher education projects. Designers can choose from a carefully curated palette of accent colors, which can easily transition in and out of the field tiles through the use of the Urban Fringe plank. It’s the perfect collection to support specification for both wayfinding and creating defined spaces in the built environment.   Nutopia’s Urban Passage Carpet Design
  Urban Passage, with its modern gestural wash of accent color against cool or warm neutrals, offers a large-scale pattern that references nature’s patina, like oxidation on metal, in an urban setting. This natural aspect of the otherwise contemporary design, combined with the variegated, wool-like texture and appearance of our Heathered Hues yarn, makes Nutopia a unique but fitting choice for biophilic designs.   Nutopia’s Sustainability Story
  Heathered Hues, our innovative yarn system, contributes to Nutopia’s strong sustainability story as well. The yarn is dematerialized for low environmental impact and no water is used in its production.   See why Nutopia is the perfect flooring choice for transitioning a space – and find out which style was inspired by peeling paint on the side of buildings in this behind-the-scenes video!   Nutopia is Living Product Challenge Petal Certified
  Another fun fact? Nutopia is one of six Mohawk Group products to earn Petal Certification from the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge. Along with the other collections, Nutopia was created to have a net positive impact on the planet and the people who inhabit it. Nutopia is Red List-free, informed by biomimicry and biophilia and manufactured with best practices that exemplify social responsibility and respect of the rights of workers.   To satisfy the Net Positive Water Imperative and offset the water used to create Nutopia, Mohawk partnered with Hampton University in Virginia, retrofitting the dorm showers with more than 150 low-flow showerheads for a savings of approximately 4 million gallons of water each year.   To order samples from the Nutopia collection, visit the collection page here.