As part of our commitment to believe in better, Mohawk Group has embarked on the journey of creating handprints over footprints through the Living Product Challenge. This International Living Future Institute (ILFI) program provides a framework for manufacturers to reimagine the design and construction of products to function as elegantly and efficiently as anything found in the natural world. With a full suite of Living Products across carpet and hard surface, Mohawk Group is setting a higher standard to help ensure products contribute to healthy spaces, are designed to inspire and will give more back to the environment than they take through unique “handprinting” initiatives.

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Green Infrastructure

Introducing the Smart City Carpet Collection by Mohawk Group
“As the maker of Living Products like Smart City, we believe better design examines both embodied carbon and materials health to produce sustainable products that help reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and lead the way in transparency.”

Green Infrastructure

How Mohawk is Doing More With Floors
Discovering new Living Products with Mohawk, who continues to pioneer in the world of sustainable flooring.


Mohawk Group Installs Latest Smartflower at Florida School as Part of Commitment to “Handprints Over Footprints”
Students at Emma Jewel Charter Academy now have a unique hands-on opportunity to study alternative energy and sustainability with the installation of an on-campus smartflower™ solar energy unit.

Responsible Production & Consumption

VIDEO | Living Standard: Handprints Over Footprints
Rami Vagal of Mohawk Industries shares the value of "handprinting" over "footprinting." The Living Standard is a campaign that seeks to connect green buildings and LEED, and products to people.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Mohawk Group’s Nutopia Honored With Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award for Carpet
The process of natural weathering and the interaction between nature and manmade infrastructure provided the inspiration behind the 12" x 36" plank collection of four styles. Nutopia also met the stringent requirements for the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge. As part of that certification, Mohawk Group engaged in a unique “handprinting” partnership with Hampton University to offset the water used in Nutopia’s manufacturing, installing 152 low-flow showerheads to save approximately 4 million gallons annually.

Innovation & Technology

PIVOT POINT: Changing Directions in Resilient Flooring with Alternative Chemistry + Biophilic Influence
Pivot Point Red List-free enhanced resilient tile represents a true change in direction for sustainable resilient flooring. This award-winning hard surface holds Living Product Challenge Petal Certification and is manufactured using alternative chemistry. Design and color draw inspiration from fresh, natural materials and biophilic influence. In 2018, Pivot Point was recognized with a Metropolis Likes Award at NeoCon and a Nightingale Award (Silver) at the Healthcare Design Expo.

Responsible Production & Consumption

VIDEO | Behind the Scenes: Pivot Point Red List-free Enhanced Resilient Tile

Events, Media & Communications

WEBCAST | Powering Inclusion Through Solar Handprints: An Innovative Partnership
In this one-hour pre-recorded webcast, George Bandy Jr. of Mohawk Industries and Michelle Moore of Groundswell discuss their unique partnership in aligning environmental stewardship with social equity. You’ll discover how solar energy-focused, community-building initiatives can be implemented into a corporate social responsibility framework, empowering inclusion and transformation while addressing global concerns.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Introducing Nutopia by Mohawk Group: Carpet Plank Inspired by “Urban Fabric”
Nutopia is a new Living Product Challenge Petal certified carpet plank system from Mohawk Group inspired by the idea of “urban fabric,” where humankind coexists with buildings, streets and other infrastructure. The collection’s designers looked at metaphors for how urban design can translate into patterns of balance, acceptance and integration—where the dichotomy of metropolis is coalesced into a mélange of culture and connection. Earlier this summer, Nutopia officially debuted to the commercial architecture and design community at NeoCon’s 50th anniversary exposition along with four other Living Products from Mohawk Group.

Events, Media & Communications

Mohawk Solar Energy “Handprinting” Initiative to be Featured on Oct. 30 GreenBiz Webcast
Mohawk Industries’ George Bandy Jr., VP of sustainability and commercial marketing, will join Groundswell CEO Michelle Moore for an engaging webcast sharing how their respective organizations built a solar energy partnership geared towards schools and underserved communities. The GreenBiz webcast, titled “Powering Inclusion Through Solar Handprints: An Innovative Partnership,” will take place Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018, 1-2 p.m. EST. Joel Makower, executive editor of GreenBiz, will serve as moderator. The webcast is free to attend online.

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