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At Mohawk Group, we believe good design emerges from understanding the needs of our customers and their end users. Through this understanding, we seek to inspire and challenge perceptions of what flooring can achieve. Our designs empower our customers to exceed their goals and take projects further than ever thought possible.

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Innovation & Technology

How the Science of Fractal Design Became Relaxing Screensavers
Three years ago, a unique art-design-science collaboration was formed to address the environmental, social and individual challenges we collectively face by using a holistic approach to architecture and design. A central goal of this collaboration is to develop design strategies based on scientific studies of stress-reduction in the built environment – especially in the workplace.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Mohawk Group: Turning the Tide
The convergence of freshwater and saltwater creates a unique ecosystem where salt marshes, mangroves, and sea grasses sequester Blue Carbon, support biodiversity, and protect coastal areas from erosion.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Mohawk Group Launches Data Tide: Innovative Carpet Collection Supports Nature With Data
Data Tide is one part of Mohawk Group’s larger sustainability effort, The Waterways Project. This project highlights new products, technologies and initiatives to give back to and restore the living rivers that sustain life.

Health & Healthcare

An Analysis on Bacterial Growth on Vinyl and Polished Concrete
Bacteria growth in flooring of hospitals, grocery stores, warehouses, etc. is extremely dangerous for human health. A more permeable surface is a result of a porous material that is more susceptible to this harmful bacterial growth.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Mohawk Group Launches Four New LVT Designs, Expanding Domestically Made Living Local Collection
“We are committed to the utilization of pre-consumer materials to help reduce virgin feed stock ingredients, eliminating industrial waste and diverting unavoidable waste from landfills whenever possible,” explained Ramie Vagal.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Best of Design: Mohawk Group's New Path Forward
BEST OF DESIGN 2020: The path to better design and sustainability begins with community. Join Mohawk Group on a new path forward as we aspire to connect people, products and place — uniting in spirit and purpose to keep moving design forward.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Mohawk Group Launches Seamless Visualization Experience Through New P.S. Tool
By digitizing some of the earlier stages, Mohawk Group’s visualization tool helps cut down on physical waste that is often created as part of the sampling and presentation phases.

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    At Mohawk Group, we believe good design emerges from understanding the needs of our customers and their end users. Through this understanding, we seek...
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