KFC’s Recipe for Cutting Restaurant Emissions by 46%

Decarbonization measures including optimizing exhaust hoods and food warming equipment will be required for new and existing franchisees.
Jun 5, 2024 9:00 AM ET

By Heather Clancy

Originally published by GreenBiz

New and existing KFC franchisees are being asked to follow the company’s stricter guidance for slashing their carbon footprint, through its Building Green initiative, a plan developed by KFC’s development and sustainability teams. That blueprint focuses on 11 "simple but meaningful" and mandatory measures it is encouraging, and planning to require, around the world as franchisees build or refurbish locations.

KFC is one of the fastest-growing food retail chains in the world, with almost 30,000 franchise restaurants and counting: There’s at least one new location opening every 3.5 hours. Those stores account for at least one-third of KFC’s Scope 3 emissions, about the same as the footprint associated with raising the chickens that dominate KFC’s menu.

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