Sustainable Development Goals

United Rentals Launches New Estimated Emissions Dashboard

United Rentals, Inc.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Role of Partnerships in Tackling Climate Change


Arcos Dorados Serves Up a More Sustainable Design at a New McDonald’s Restaurant in São Paulo

McDonald’s newest 24-hour restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil, is setting a higher standard for more sustainable restaurant design, and it all started when the local team broke ground on the physical restaurant.

The Role of Partnerships in Tackling Climate Change

As a global challenge, the climate crisis calls for businesses and countries to move beyond their siloed approaches, commitments, and climate pledges to fully embrace sustainability. The 2030 Agenda philosophy of “no one left behind” requires global partnerships.

Alibaba Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The initial focus of the collaboration between WBCSD and Alibaba will be on Climate Action, particularly in finding innovative ways to leverage Alibaba’s platforms for broad decarbonization and work with WBCSD members on the Avoided Emissions framework and methodologies.

International Day for Peace: How Sport Can Be an Enabler for Sustainable Development

On the International Day for Peace, Auvita Rapilla, IOC Member and Chair of the Olympism365 Commission, discusses how the Olympism365 strategy can support the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to creating safer and more peaceful communities.

Meeting Business Sustainability Targets Needs To Be Done in Partnership

Sustainability goals are at the heart of every organisation’s business targets, particularly as we move swiftly toward 2030 and the deadline for the EUs sustainability targets, including emission reduction and increasing renewable energy.

Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit Emphasizes Need for Continued Collaboration To Achieve ESG Ambitions

At Lenovo, our approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is driven by our vision to provide smarter technology that builds a brighter, more sustainable future for our customers, colleagues, communities, and the planet.

Scope 3 Emissions in the Telecommunications Industry: Driving Sustainable Transformation

Now is the time for telecommunications companies to step up with courageous leadership, collective action across the ecosystem, transparency, and a laser focus on reducing scope 3 emissions.

Rayonier 2022 Sustainability Report: Water Quality and Quantity

The trees, vegetation, and soil in our forests provide a permeable surface where water infiltrates the ground to replenish rivers, streams, and groundwater systems. Our sustainable forestry practices safeguard water quality and protect this natural cycle of water recharge.

Navigating the Wild West of Corporate GHG Accounting

Reporting on GHG emissions is becoming a must for many corporations. Here we will discuss these pitfalls and offer suggestions on how to avoid them – based on 20+ years of GHG accounting experience in the Inogen Alliance.

Our Climate Transition Opportunities and Risks

Climate change can impact our timberlands and operations in both negative and positive ways. Impacts are more likely to be opportunities, leveraging the benefits of forests and wood products as natural climate solutions.

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