Introducing Social REV... The New Secret Weapon for Social Impact Professionals

Oct 11, 2022 5:30 PM ET
"It's Here"

Introducing Social REV... The New Secret Weapon for Social Impact Professionals

Today is a momentous day for Realized Worth and we are honored to share it with you, the clients, partners, and friends who have made it possible to achieve this milestone. After many, many months (following many, many years) of direct client work, focus groups, interviews, listening sessions, user tests, content creation, platform configurations, and more user tests, we are finally ready to share our creation with the world. Introducing: Social REV!

Social REV is a one-stop-shop that provides hundreds of practical resources, a real and rich network, and on-demand advisory services to help accelerate and elevate you and your social impact work. It is Realized Worth’s effort to make our 15 years of experience and expertise more accessible to small budgets, under-resourced teams, motivated professionals, and programs who have grown beyond the need for project-based consulting.

As many of you know, 15 years in the field gives you time to develop authentic relationships with people who will tell you the truth – and we are grateful for the many authentic relationships we’re honored to call our own. So, as much as the team at Realized Worth thinks the value of Social REV couldn’t be clearer, we can’t see what we can’t see. Thanks to those of you who said, “I think this is supposed to be for me, but I can’t quite see the connection,” we took time to think through almost everyone in the field with whom we have a personal relationship. We thought about what we know about you, why we respect you, the barriers you face, and how Social REV is intended to benefit you. While we may have missed a nuance or two, we hope you’ll find resonance in the personality types outlined in this blog.

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