Eric Aubertin Is Appointed President & Chief of Strategy at LifeGuides®

Feb 11, 2022 8:15 AM ET
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SAN FRANCISCO, February 14, 2022 /3BL Media/ - LifeGuides® is delighted to announce Eric Aubertin’s appointment as President & Chief of Strategy.

Eric started at LifeGuides® as a Special Advisor to the Executive Chairman, working on special projects, including the brand strategy. Six months later, in March of 2021, Eric transitioned to full-time Chief of Strategy, as well as joining the Board of Directors. Leading into 2022, Eric has now accepted the Presidency, focused on elevating various areas of the business including the LifeGuides® brand, fundraising, operational effectiveness, adoption of the Guide services by employee families, and strategic sales and partnerships.

Derek Lundsten, Chief Executive Officer, shared: “Eric’s proven ability to rapidly scale technology enterprises has been fundamental to why our LifeGuides® rocketship is taking off. His time in professional and Olympic sports fueled his singular focus on being a team player, which is core to our organizational  effectiveness. Being a cohesive team is fundamental, particularly given that our team includes 4 proven startup-to-exit CEO’s, collaborating toward our mission of positively impacting the lives of 1B people within 15 years.”

Eric commented: “I am delighted to accept the Presidency of LifeGuides®. Life Experience is the largest regenerative asset on the planet, yet in today’s fragmented modern era, people are more disconnected than ever before. I see a real solution to this in our ‘Guides Model,’ which allows any employee to instantly select a Certified LifeGuide®, who has successfully navigated the same life event that the employee faces today. Our technology platform is optimizing the effectiveness, and the potential good, from our collective Life Experience, wisdom and empathy. It is really exciting to create a new market category, with our Life Guidance Network™. Coming off a successful $10M+ Series A Preferred financing, I look forward to continuing to introduce LifeGuides® to the investment community leading to a Series B, to fuel our growth and continued success.”

Mark McDonough, LifeGuides® lead investor, recently reflected on Eric’s expanding role: “Eric has been a CEO six times, plus he brings the excellence of having been on the Canadian Olympic hockey team. I like to call him Coach Aubertin. He has an innate tuning to coach us all on being a top-performing organization. He has been instrumental in the success of four key areas: major account sales, engaging our customers' employees with our services, LifeGuides® corporate culture, and building our $1B brand.“

Mark Donohue, Founder and Executive Chairman, shared: “I have partnered with Eric for over 12 years in various enterprises. His presidency at LifeGuides could not be better timed, as our success exponentiates now. We are riding the convergence of Megatrends including: Remote Work, Telehealth, Work-Life Balance, the Freelancer Economy, the Sharing Economy and “Business as a Force For Good.”  We have built a platform for caring people to do extraordinary good, and which serves a critical and costly need of enterprises to elevate the vitality and wellbeing of their employee families. As we continue to grow, our expanding scale and reach will achieve a ‘Network Effect,” which will make the unique value proposition of our Guides Community accelerate in its effectiveness and positive impact.”

About Eric Aubertin:

Eric is a visionary entrepreneur and brand builder. He has founded six technology enterprises, plus co-developed the strategy and brand for a dozen others.

Eric is talented at crystallizing the story, building brands, and engaging all constituents (companies, employees, investors, partners) around a genuine and game-changing vision. He builds products to foster product usage and engagement, by consistently focusing on fundamentals like the unique value proposition.

Throughout his career, he has consistently developed win-win relationships and strategic partnerships, which advance each enterprise. He is about the story, the feeling, the brand. And creating win-win relationships.

Eric gets involved in industries that he can help transform. Today, Eric believes that mental health and wellbeing can be the single most impactful industry. He joined LifeGuides®, in late 2020, since he feels LifeGuides® is deeply aligned with his life purpose, as he strives to positively impact humanity. Eric is excited to be part of creating a healthier world, as LifeGuides® is quickly becoming a “must have” for innovative companies.

His earlier entrepreneurial initiatives are diverse. In 2013, he founded Yadle, the San Francisco based Vision AI search platform for the film, media, and entertainment industry, which identifies, and indexes, any format of video, audio and other data via recognition algorithms. In 2000, Eric invented the first successful online fundraising platform, for which he raised $500K to build the platform, then sold for $17M eight months later. In 2009, he founded one of the first Offer Networks, similar to Groupon, called OneBigPlanet, which he sold to an equity group in 2012. Earlier in his career, he was the founder of Zippler, a Hyper Localized Social Network, which he sold, within a year of founding, for $2M.

Adding to his life focused on personal, entrepreneurship and strong discipline, Eric played ice hockey and was drafted by the NHL Montreal Canadiens. He was also a member of the Canadian Olympic Team. Eric graduated from McGill University. He is a global citizen, born in Montreal, and married with 2 children.

About LifeGuides®:

LifeGuides offers a community of trained and certified Guides, who provide guidance in 400+ topics of Personal Growth, Lifelong Learning, or Life Challenges. They are an HR benefit offered by leading employers across all industries. By providing employees with experienced and empathetic support, across the broadest range of “everyday” life events, employees lead happier and more productive lives - both at home and at work.

As one Member stated: “More casual than therapy, more qualified than a friend.”

A key dimension of the Guides Community is the amazing diversity in culture, thought, beliefs, and life experiences. LifeGuides® instantly allows a Member to select a Guide, who has successfully navigated the same life event s/he faces today. This design, of “experience matching,” is foundational to the Guide-Member relationship. It develops more immediate empathy, connection and insight - which creates enhanced vitality, reduced stress and greater happiness for employees.

LifeGuides® initiatives are built upon their proprietary Intelligence Assistance® technology. This platform optimizes: Guide and Member matching; augments the Guides knowledge base; helps accelerate empathy and trust;and allows an easier scaling and quality control within our services platform.

The LifeGuides® mission is to grow a community for sharing life experience, wisdom and empathy - with the goal of positively impacting the lives of 1B people within 15 years. LifeGuides® is modernizing human support and human connection, which is foundational to wellbeing.