CNH Industrial Attends Fashion Sustainability EXPO in Rome

Aug 3, 2023 4:00 PM ET
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Daniela Ropolo, EMEA Head of Sustainable Development Initiatives at CNH Industrial, attended and spoke at the Phygital Sustainability Expo, igniting discussion about both the textile and agriculture sectors, and establishing a strong connection between the two industries in relation to eco-sustainability.

CNH Industrial’s EMEA Head of Sustainable Development Initiatives, Daniela Ropolo, attended and spoke at the Phygital Sustainability EXPO by the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society that recently took place in Rome.

The discussion was centered around the eco-sustainable transition of the fashion supply chain, emphasizing CNH Industrial’s leadership in driving the transformation of agriculture.

CNH Industrial actively works toward promoting sustainable agriculture by recognizing the interconnectedness of both ‘food’ and ‘fiber.’ Ropolo articulates this well: ‘CNH Industrial manufactures and markets earth-moving machines, but if we think about clothing, most of the materials they are made of come from land and agriculture, and sustainability problems are therefore common.’

This dialogue was motivated by the need to establish a sustainable value chain fueled by technological innovation. ‘We are innovating a lot in precision agriculture’ Ropolo notes, ‘…reducing the use of water, pesticides and energy and increasing data collections means improving sustainability.’

Through the implementation of advanced iron and tech that minimizes water and pesticide usage, enhances soil health, and supports farmers in increasing productivity, CNH Industrial demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding the future of the planet.