Climate Action: Spurring New Investments for Clients

Jul 30, 2019 10:00 AM ET

Climate Action: Spurring New Investments for Clients

Climate action drives business resiliency and new investments, and is just one of the four key global megatrends BNY Mellon addresses in its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. BNY Mellon is committed to addressing climate-related risks and opportunities through a comprehensive approach. The company directs capital to projects with potential positive impacts, informs clients’ investment decisions to help them capitalize on climate change mitigation solutions, and implements programs to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) in its own operations.

Explore stories from the BNY Mellon 2018 CSR Report to learn how the company is helping to address climate change:

  • Farmland Fund Gets Green Recognition: Learn more about how Insight’s Global Farmland Fund became certified for its role in highlighting sustainability in the agriculture sector.
  • Giving Forests New Life: Healthy forests are crucial to fighting climate change. Read about BNY Mellon’s success in reducing its reliance on paper and supporting its Carbon Neutral status.

Learn how BNY Mellon’s CSR strategy is creating a positive social impact on financial markets, communities and the world at large in the 2018 CSR Report.