Chevrolet Helps To Fund First All Access Sports Field in Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles and Community Makes Barry A. Sanders Sports Field A Reality
Dec 5, 2012 5:00 PM ET
Campaign: EcoAd

In September of 2012, Chevrolet, through the EcoMedia EcoAd program and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, provided funding to support the completion of the Barry Sanders All-Access Ballfield at Bielenson Park. For the first time ever, the Los Angeles area has an all-access baseball facility.  The field is named in honor of the current President of the Board of Commissioners for Recreation and Parks, Barry A. Sanders.

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"For me personally, the drive, tenacity, and psychological and emotional strength exhibited by athletes with physical challenges are inspiring. So it’s personally gratifying to be able to help make the all-access sport field at Beilenson Park a reality. But the entire team at EcoMedia is especially proud of this achievement; it’s the first facility of its kind anywhere in the region and, thanks to Chevrolet, the park’s special features (solar power, water conservation technologies, and sustainable landscaping) are bringing additional benefits to this community in the form of cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. All in all, Beilenson Park is a perfect example of the win-win opportunities we strive to make possible through our EcoAd Program,” said Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia.

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