Changing Yourself to Build a Sustainable Future

Maggie Q discusses environmentalism in a panel discussion supported by CLP and CityU of Hong Kong
May 18, 2018 10:00 AM ET

New Horizons

Hollywood actress Maggie Q has called on eco-conscious people to kick their meat habit in a bid to save our planet for future generations. 

In the second part of a CLP-sponsored Sustainability Lecture Series held at the City University of Hong Kong, Maggie and experts in the academia, non-governmental and business sectors shared their perspectives on how people can change their habits and attitude to contribute to the global sustainable movement.

Given the greenhouse gas emissions derived from animal agriculture, Maggie stressed the need for a shift to a vegan diet to support environmental sustainability. The 70 billion animals raised for food annually, she said, used 45 per cent of the world's land mass and most of our water, adding that 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions were from the methane, ammonia, and nitric oxide emitted from animals.

CLP Director of Group Sustainability Dr Jeanne Ng, meanwhile, said it was crucial for individuals and organisations to recognise the value of sustainability and raise awareness in the community with their best efforts. Equally important is building trust among different sectors so that they can co-develop the right solutions.

Her view was echoed by Prof Johnny Chan, Chair Professor of Atmospheric Science at the City University of Hong Kong, who considered concerted efforts by the academia, the government and the business sector as indispensable to climate change adaptation. As for students, he encouraged them to play their part by developing green technologies. 

Another daily solution to lower greenhouse gas emissions, as suggested by the Green Earth Founder and Executive Director Edwin Lau, was reducing waste, which could help spare unnecessary resources used for agricultural and food production and minimise the emissions from landfills.

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