Southern California Edison Supports Transportation Electrification

Accelerating the use of electric transportation will be key to achieving California’s air quality and climate change goals. As the grid becomes cleaner by relying on more renewable resources, electricity companies like Southern California Edison can make a big difference in reducing emissions from the transportation sector. We are supporting the use of electric vehicles through the deployment of charging infrastructure, vehicle rebates, attractive rate options for EV drivers and adoption of electric cars and trucks into our own vehicle fleet.

SCE provides $450 rebate for new and used electric vehicles, putting electric vehicles within reach of more people. Learn more here.

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SCE Grows Clean Energy Portfolio, Enhances System Reliability With 770 Megawatts of New Energy Storage Capacity
Southern California Edison announced that it has signed seven contracts totaling 770 megawatts of battery-based energy storage resources to help enhance the region’s electric system reliability needs.


EV Charging Plan for Schools, Recreation Areas Gets State OK
The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a two-year pilot that will allow Southern California Edison to add hundreds of new EV charging stations at schools and state recreation areas.


SCE Supports California Climate Goals With New Electrification Pathway to 2045
SCE released its white paper, “Pathway 2045,” a report that examines the profound changes that will need to take place for the state to reach carbon neutrality by 2045. The pathway builds on the utility’s "The Clean Power and Electrification Pathway”


Children Learn What It Takes to Keep the Lights On
SCE’s Saddleback District crew got the chance to tell hundreds of children and adults how they keep the lights on and were among 20 other professionals, ranging from park rangers to professional cheerleaders, at the museum's When I Grow Up Day.


EV Veterans Honor SCE’s ‘Dean’ of Electric Vehicles
One of the very first employees of Southern California Edison’s electric transportation program, Taylor wasn’t giving up. He was part of a small band of EV die-hards that continued to toil against all odds, doing their level best to keep their fading hope of mainstreaming electric cars on life support.

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Southern California Edison: How to Build EV-Ready Communities
With more than 500,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) on California’s roads,1 and millions more to come, many local officials understand that getting their communities EV-ready is not only a sustainability best practice but also an economic development opportunity. California is leading the EV adoption trend within the United States, with approximately half of all EVs on the road in the U.S. registered here.


Freight Hauling Just Got Greener in the Golden State
Hauling freight with big rigs in the Golden State just got greener, thanks to Penske Truck Leasing. The Pennsylvania-based company recently announced the installation of 14 fast charging stations for heavy-duty electric vehicle trucks at four Southern California facilities. Mike Marelli, vice president of Southern California Edison’s Business Customer Division, was on hand at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the installation of the fast chargers at Penske’s La Mirada site.


Is California the New Hub for Electric Transportation?
With a growing number of companies like Tesla and electric bus manufacturer Proterra headquartered in California, it’s worth exploring whether the state is becoming a hub for electric transportation.


America’s Yellow School Bus Gets an All-Electric Makeover
The yellow school bus is a familiar sight on America’s roads. As Fontana Unified School District students returned from their holiday break, one familiar thing was missing from two of their buses: black exhaust. These buses are now all-electric and run on batteries. They are not only free of emissions, but much quieter.

Green Infrastructure

Driving an Electric Vehicle Is More Affordable Than Ever
Drivers have more electric vehicle choices than ever. And, the number of choices is growing. Today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, more than 30 EV models were shown, including a pickup truck and SUVs. On top of more vehicle choices with longer driving ranges, driving an EV is about to become even more affordable.

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  8. Southern California Edison Supports Transportation Electrification
    Accelerating the use of electric transportation will be key to achieving California’s air quality and climate change goals. As the grid becomes...