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Racial injustice. Gun violence. Police brutality. Transgender rights. White supremacy.

These are not just the issues prominent in the news or around the dinner table, but also in the board room. At another time, companies would have done their best to steer clear of these topics; but today that is, quite simply, no longer an option. Speaking out and addressing these historic injustices is not only a moral imperative, it is a public – and business – mandate.

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Events, Media & Communications

How Brands Activated for Mental Health Awareness Month
This week brings us to the tail end of Mental Health Awareness Month. Today, we examine how three brands are uniquely bringing attention and devoting resources to an increasingly pressing subject for Americans.

Sustainable Development Goals

Brands Celebrate Earth Day by Activating Stakeholders
Yesterday, we celebrated the 51st global Earth Day. Leading up to the day, we saw trillion-dollar commitments, business leaders signing environmentally focused pledges and increasing engagement in the circular economy.

Diversity & Inclusion

Brands Address Equity Gap for Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
There is an equity gap for Black entrepreneurs and business owners in the business world today Today, we explore how three companies are launching initiatives to build racial equity and close that gap.

Diversity & Inclusion

One Brand's Women's History Month Challenge Acknowledges “It's On Us”
Today, we examine how one company is going beyond the call for more diversity of women in mainstream marketing, to “infiltrating” the advertising industry from the inside.

Health & Healthcare

Private Sector Moves in to Help Vaccinate the U.S.
This week, we examine how brands are utilizing their resources and teaming up to work toward putting an end to the pandemic.

Diversity & Inclusion

Addressing Representation on International Women's Day
This week, we explore three brands that are confronting the way we depict women throughout the world.

Events, Media & Communications

Libresse Brings Awareness to Women's Pain
This week, we examine one brand that is sticking out with its audacious challenge to bring attention to a subject rarely spoken of – women’s pain.

Diversity & Inclusion

Brands Share #StopAsianHate in Solidarity, But Posting Isn't Enough
This week, we examine the brands that are going beyond external communications to make long-lasting change in the fight against racism and Xenophobia.

Diversity & Inclusion

Executives Called to Flex JEDI IQ, Yet Again
Just days into the new year and American executives are yet again being asked to flex and increase their justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) IQ.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

2021 Ushers in a New Era of Corporate Activism
In wake of last week’s insurrection at the United States Capitol building, we are seeing a new wave of corporate activism emerge. In the past, it was standard operating procedure for brands to steer clear of the political conversation altogether. And while in recent years we’ve seen companies take stances on political issues – such as access to voting, social justice and climate change – they would often stop short of calling out individual politicians or blocking resources to persons inciting hate and violence. This week, we examine how companies are breaking tradition to take more drastic steps around politics, in an effort to protect democracy.

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