Nestlé in the U.S.: Healthy Planet

Our 2030 ambition: Strive for zero environmental impact in our operations

The UN estimates that by 2050 the world’s population will grow to almost 9 billion people. In the next 15 years, almost half of the world’s population will be living in areas that are running out of water. Most of the population growth will be in developing countries, where climate change is having the most serious impact. An estimated 60 percent more food will be needed to feed the world, and growing that food will put more stress on already fragile water supplies. Water, and the lack of it, is the biggest challenge the world faces going forward.

The UN believes that the key to adapting to climate change is better water management. We believe this too! Businesses have a huge role to play in reducing water use. As the world’s largest food and beverages company, all areas of our business use water. Farmers need it to grow the crops that we use to make the foods we produce. We also use water in our factories. Here we can take the lead by reducing our water use every year, and finding new ways of reusing it to ensure nothing is wasted by us or those we work with. We must do all we can to protect this precious resource.

Through our industry associations we are supporting global efforts to create sustainable businesses, and care for all of the earth’s natural resources. And we have set ambitious targets to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

If we are to continue to grow sustainably we must ensure we use the planet’s resources wisely. We are working towards the day when, through efficiencies and new technologies, we can reduce our environmental impact to zero. This will take time but we firmly believe it is achievable.

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Nestlé Waters Continues to Lead as Sacramento and Livermore Factories Achieve Prestigious Water Conservation Certification
Nestlé Waters North America announced today that its Sacramento and Livermore, Calif., factories have received certification for meeting the rigorous Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard.

Responsible Production & Consumption

When Seedling Met Soil: A Coffee Bean Origin Story
Nestlé has been on-the-ground in Colombia for nearly 75 years, building relationships with farmers like Nescafé Plan farmer Luz and her community. Luz is a sixth generation farmer who took over the family coffee farm with her brother. When she and her brother took over the farm, their coffee trees were dying from rust. Nestlé worked with the family to overhaul the farm and plant a new disease-resistant Castillo variety of coffee plant. It was a fresh start that was incredibly needed and now they’re helping to provide the highest-quality beans through Colombia’s National Coffee Federation.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Meet 4 SCA Fellows Helping Us Bring Stewardship to Life
On August 10, we’re celebrating #NestléCares: a national day of volunteering with thousands of volunteers in Nestlé’s 120 U.S. hometowns. Nestlé and the Student Conservation Association are teaming up, to promote water stewardship, sustainability, and environmental conservation with 9 flagship events supported by these four inspiring SCA community engagement fellows.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Impact Investing 2.0: How More Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good
At Nestlé Waters North America, we recently announced an impact investment into the Closed Loop Fund (CLF). The organization’s mission is to increase the scale of recycling infrastructure to create a more circular economy.


Quiz: Don’t Get Stumped by These Water Words!
Having clean water starts long before you turn on the tap or open a bottle of water. What we do every day, especially how we dispose of garbage and other pollutants, can affect our freshwater sources.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Meet Stacey Webb: Bringing You Coffee Goodness from Field to Cup

Responsible Production & Consumption

Zero Waste-to-Landfill: It’s Not Just for Manufacturing Anymore
When we talk about waste going to landfill it’s usually about one of two sources: manufacturing or the dinner table. But what about all the connector points that a product hits before it gets to you? Here at Nestlé we are taking a whole supply chain approach, and I’m happy to share that now your Stouffer’s Lasagna (or your DiGiorno pizza, or your Edy’s ice cream…) are coming to you from distribution centers that are landfill-free.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Meet Larry Baner: Designing Packaging That is Better for the Environment
I’ve worked at Nestlé for 22 years, and I like to remind people that I’ve been working in sustainability since ‘before it was cool!’

Sustainable Finance & Socially Responsible Investment

Nestlé Waters North America Announces $6 Million Investment in Closed Loop Fund
Nestlé Waters North America today announced it is investing $6 million as part of a shared effort among business, government and community partners to fund comprehensive recycling infrastructure and programs in cities across the United States.

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