Farmers need innovation. Not only to grow enough but to grow better for our planet and its people. At Bayer, we have leading research capabilities in biology, biotechnology, crop protection, and data science, that allow us to deliver tailored solutions to farmers faster than ever before. We’re collaborating with external partners, both large and small, so we can create true value for farmers, consumers, and our planet. Learn more about shaping agriculture through innovation here 


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Innovation & Technology

Gene Editing: Pairwise and Bayer Start New Five-Year Multi-Million Dollar Collaboration to Further Advance Short-Stature Corn
New agreement will focus on CRISPR applications for Bayer’s Preceon™ Smart Corn System / Collaboration builds on successful initial gene-editing partnership between the two companies that resulted in 27 novel traits being transferred into Bayer’s testing programs


Bayer: How Innovative Farmers Are Tailoring Their Crop Protection
When it comes to raising crops, protecting them through harvest is often the toughest part of the job.

Innovation & Technology

Bayer: Five Favorite Innovations in Agriculture
If LinkedIn is anything to go by, general interest in all things sustainability related has clearly reached an all-time high. At any given moment, my newsfeed is full of posts advocating for new solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.


Bayer: Make Way for Girls in Science!
Capturing the attention of 7-9th grade students and inspiring them to consider careers in STEM can be accomplished through role modeling, representation, and realistic experiences, according to Dr. Kelly Lane-deGraaf


Bayer: Cultivating a Growing Need for STEM Expertise
The celebration of National Black History Month in February provides a nice setting to talk about diversity and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Bayer’s Grants4Ag Program Awards 21 Crop Science Research Grants for 2023
This year’s focus lies on research to support sustainability and the development of next-generation genomic tools in agriculture / Researchers will receive funding and mentorship resources from Bayer to further advance their pioneering work and grow with mentorship

Innovation & Technology

Better Is Growing More Food with Fewer Resources
Farmers are looking for innovative solutions to make the most of their land and use fewer natural resources while growing their crops in a safe and sustainable way.

Innovation & Technology

Bayer Collaborates With Microsoft To Unveil New Cloud-Based Enterprise Solutions, Advancing Innovation and Transparency in the Agri-Food Industry
Ready-to-use AgPowered Services from Bayer running on the new Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture.

Health & Healthcare

Bayer and Kimitec Join Forces To Bring the Next Generation of Biologicals to Millions of Growers Worldwide
Both companies enter into a global strategic partnership for Biologicals discovery and commercialization, that includes crop protection and biostimulant products based on molecules derived from natural sources

Innovation & Technology

Bayer To Distribute Pheromone-Based Biological Crop Protection Solutions From M2i Group
Bayer announced a partnership with French company M2i Group to supply fruit and vegetable growers around the world with pheromone-based biological crop protection products.

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    Farmers need innovation. Not only to grow enough but to grow better for our planet and its people. At Bayer, we have leading research capabilities in...
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