Global Impact: Tailored Solutions for Smallholders

At Bayer, we want to enable 100 million smallholder farmers around the world by providing more access to agricultural solutions that are sustainable. We aim to support them through collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions that expand agricultural know-how to address their most challenging issues. With each solution, we aim to grow businesses, support agriculture, contribute to smallholder farmers’ lives, and generate value for society. Learn more here

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Responsible Production & Consumption

Bayer Introduces Agricultural System for Direct-Seeded Rice With Potential To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Use by up to 40 Percent
On UN World Food Day, Bayer announced the introduction of its direct-seeded rice (DSR) system at the 6th International Rice Congress in Manila.

Innovation & Technology

Bayer: Innovations Enabling Smallholder Farmers To Prosper
A rising global population. The increasingly unpredictable climate. Lack of access to new agricultural technologies. These are just a few challenges smallholder farmers face every day, and they need innovation to improve the diversity and bounty of our global food system.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Bayer is Looking Below Ground Level With Root2Success: Managing Root Health in Horticulture Crops in a Sustainable Manner
Agricultural productivity is enormously complex. The success of each crop grown on a field depends on countless variables, including climatic factors, nutrient and water availability, pest and disease populations, crop protection inputs, on-farm practices, and more.


DKsilos Is the Crop of the Cream
Bayer isn’t in the cattle business. At least, we weren’t. That was before we started asking big questions about small farms.


Bayer Collaborates in Value-Chain Partnerships
As no one can overcome every challenge alone, we establish crop value-chain partnerships to provide smallholder farmers with high-quality inputs, agronomic knowledge, cost-effective financing and risk mitigation solutions, as well as market access to sell their products.


Bayer Supports Smallholder-Centric Solutions
Our increased focus on smallholder farmers means an increase in products tailored to their needs.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Bayer's Positive Impact on Smallholder Livelihoods
Smallholder farmers hold incredible potential on our journey towards global food security when they can access the modern agricultural solutions they need to increase their productivity, better their livelihoods and work more sustainably.


Bayer: Empowering SmallHolder Farmers
Approximately 97 percent of the world’s farmers farm on less than 10 hectares (about 25 acres) of land. They represent approximately 550 million smallholder farmers in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), especially across Asia and Africa.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Independent Research Confirms Value of Bayer’s Smallholder Farming Initiatives
Smallholder farmers say livelihoods have improved after participating in initiatives led by life sciences company Bayer. This is the result of research by independent social impact measurement company 60 Decibels on four Bayer smallholder projects.

Health & Healthcare

The World Is Growing Hungrier for Solutions
On a connected planet, food security concerns everyone

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    At Bayer, we want to enable 100 million smallholder farmers around the world by providing more access to agricultural solutions that are sustainable...
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