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GoDaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. We’re on a mission to empower our worldwide community of 20+ million customers — and entrepreneurs everywhere — by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

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Small Businesses Adopting AI Expect to Thrive Against Competitors
GoDaddy's January survey of over 500 U.S. small business owners found that they expect GenAI to give them a competitive edge over other small or similar-sized businesses (75%) and anticipate it will also allow them to better compete with larger businesses (68%). 

Diversity & Inclusion

GoDaddy’s Love & Business Series: Malik Books
GoDaddy chatted with Malik and April Muhammad, who together have built Malik Books, an African American bookstore that specializes in books full of cultural diversity.

Innovation & Technology

The Future of Business Now Unlocked with GoDaddy Airo
To make using generative AI fast and easy, GoDaddy launched GoDaddy Airo™, an AI-powered solution that saves small business owners precious time in establishing their online presence and helps them win new customers.

Diversity & Inclusion

GoDaddy’s Love & Business Series: Harp Vision
GoDaddy chatted to the Harpers, the couple behind Harp Vision, a Black-owned social enterprise offering natural, luxury self-care products.

Here’s a glimpse into how Tyron and April Harper navigate the grand adventure of being both business partners and a match made in heaven.

Diversity & Inclusion

GoDaddy’s Love & Business Series: Sweets & Meats BBQ
There’s love in the air and GoDaddy is celebrating couples who brave the adventure of running a business together.

Sweets & Meats BBQ was launched in 2014 by business partners and sweethearts, Kristen Bailey and Anton Gaffney.

Responsible Production & Consumption

GoDaddy Introduces Small Business Gift Guide: The Perfect Shopping Destination for Unique and Authentic Gifts
GoDaddy introduced the GoDaddy 2023 Gift Guide, a curated collection of unique and authentic products from small businesses spanning the United States. GoDaddy's 2023 Gift Guide showcases an array of exceptional gifts, making it easier than ever for shoppers to shop small.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

GoDaddy Small Biz Weekly, Vol. 03: Madeline Arellano of By Madeline
Madeline never thought her simple hobby would become a successful business, but GoDaddy's tools and support empowered her family to grow her brand into what it is now. Being an entrepreneur now feels more like "play" than "work".

Responsible Production & Consumption

GoDaddy Small Biz Weekly, Vol. 02: Evan Rocheford of Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn
Torbert Rocheford was the first in his family to profess his love of corn. As a young man in the late 1970's, Torbert Rocheford wanted to dedicate his life to making a positive impact on the world and decided to pursue a career in plant breeding.

Diversity & Inclusion

GoDaddy Small Biz Weekly, Vol. 01: Jane Malone of Cursed Drawings
We’re celebrating National Small Business Week 2023 by championing small business owners who are making an impact with our tools and support. Here’s our first editorial celebrating Jane Malone.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Reconnecting Humans with Nature in the Twin Cities | Icons of Minneapolis
Chances are if the weather is nice in Minnesota, you’ll find Tim Clemens, owner of Ironwood Foraging outside. Tim may have started his business because he wanted to be his own boss, but his passion for what he does takes center stage. 
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