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Build a facility that changes lives.

Highly regulated facilities are built differently. Whether constructing a new cell and gene therapy facility, modernizing a research lab or modifying an existing food manufacturing line, the materials and techniques to construct for advanced technologies and manufacturing are unique. You need construction solutions and expertise tailored to you.

Work with distinguished construction experts focused entirely on facilities for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, science + technology and food + beverage. Get the best people, tools and systems to support your unique design and construction requirements. Trust us to navigate the challenges of building advanced technology facilities and deliver cost-effective, dynamic buildings on time and on budget.

Throughout your project, a lean management approach maximizes value for you through collaboration, reliable scheduling and eliminating waste.

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Innovation & Technology

What’s Next for the Life Science Industry?
Real talk from the front lines of today’s research and manufacturing landscape

Innovation & Technology

Is Your Dairy Processing Plant Ready for Change?
Dairy processing plants are constantly improving and expanding to keep up with consumers’ ever-changing appetite for new products in the dairy aisle.

Responsible Production & Consumption

10 Resource Reduction Measures for More Efficient and Sustainable Biopharma Facilities
Resource reduction measures are solutions that can lead to lifecycle energy and cost savings for a favorable return on investment while simultaneously improving resiliency and promoting health and wellness in your facility.

Innovation & Technology

ATMP Facilities: Adapting to a Multimodal Future
What is driving more ATMP manufacturers to develop multimodal facilities, evolve their equipment and push for more modern manufacturing facilities?

Innovation & Technology

Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry's Need for Digitalization Adoption
“We are seeing more often that management is driving the adoption of digitalization in new facilities. It is becoming a standard and expected part of facility design,” shares Yvonne Duckworth

Health & Healthcare

The Need for Speed: How Operation Warp Speed Shifted the Pharma Industry
CRB’s Christa Myers provides her insights from topics in our latest Horizons Life Sciences report including operation warp speed, project delivery strategy, and the digital future.

Health & Healthcare

PPMOF Is Here to Stay
In the race to deliver an effective COVID-19 vaccine, strategies like PPMOF took the lead as roughly 90% of our clients relied on PPMOF strategy for pandemic-related projects.

Health & Healthcare

Swimming With the mRNA Current
Bill Jarvis, our Senior Process Engineer, Sr. Associate, shares, "Those of us at CRB feel like we have grown up with the RNA industry; we’ve watched this technology space go from niche to one of the hottest areas of biopharma development."

Sustainable Development Goals

Is Your Company Ready to Take Action on Its Sustainability Goals?
Demand for renewable energy sources in the life sciences industry is growing rapidly, with 84% of companies surveyed saying they have sustainability goals that are either concrete or currently in development.

Supply Chain & the Circular Economy

Food and Beverage Manufacturing: 6 Trends to Watch
Like a powerful locomotive, the food and beverage manufacturing industry has incredible forward momentum, driven by innovative new processes and products.
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