Now more than ever before is the moment companies must Live their Purpose. This is about action. How will your organization respond and how will it prioritize stakeholders? In what way will it support employees? What products, services and resources can be redeployed in service of individuals and communities? How will it contribute to society in an authentic and powerful way?

To uncover American expectations of companies and when, if and how they should act, we deployed the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker. We hope the data and insights forthcoming will be of value to you and your teams as we collectively navigate the current crisis and work toward a new norm.

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Media & Communications

McDonald's and the Biden Administration Team up to Raise Vaccine Awareness
Today, we explore how one major brand is using its marketing weight to build recognition of the importance and ease of obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine.

Research, Reports & Publications

Announcing Wave VIII of the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Responsible Business in Continued Crisis
Today, the United States finds itself in uncharted territory. While many states are in various stages of reopening, the virus surges to new heights across the south and west.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing Feedback: Brands are Listening to Stakeholder Voices on Racial Injustice
As the critical conversation around racism in the United States continues, the message to companies is clear: to not speak up is to be complicit with the status quo. And therefore many brands have taken this time to share messages of support, solidarity and commitments to change. Yet, it’s clear a statement of support will only go so far. Americans expect action. In fact, our own research conducted last month indicates 85 percent of Americans expect companies to help address racial inequality (up from 81% in 2018). Yet at the same time, Americans stand ready to call out companies they feel haven’t done the work. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans say when a company takes a stand on an issue, they will do research to see if it’s being authentic.

Research, Reports & Publications

Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker, Wave IV: Leadership During the Virus Crisis
The changing landscape of the COVID-19 crisis calls for in-the-moment data and insights, so today, we are fortunate to share the fourth wave of the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker: Leadership During the Virus Crisis.

Research, Reports & Publications

Insights From Wave II of the Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, and the implications for organizations evolves at a rapid pace, it is critical for us all to arm ourselves with the latest data and insights to guide our work – as well as be both proactive and adaptive.

Research, Reports & Publications

Insights for a Time of Crisis: Porter Novelli COVID-19 Tracker
As the entire globe faces the unprecedented and catastrophic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen moments of brightness during a fog of immense sadness and uncertainty.

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