Building Digital Literacy

Jul 2, 2018 10:15 AM ET

Digital literacy is key to future job growth and opportunity across the Asia-Pacific region. BNY Mellon supports a range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs to prepare disadvantaged individuals in this diverse region for the modern workforce.  From India’s emerging economy to the developed economies of Hong Kong and Japan, BNY Mellon tailors programs to help people gain vital technology skills.

  • In India, where only 10 percent of people are digitally literate, BNY Mellon has embraced the government’s bold mission to equip at least one person in each Indian household with digital literacy skills by 2020. In Pune, the company works with two foundations to help thousands of underprivileged citizens—adults and children— learn to use computers, mobile phones and other digital devices that are part of the modern work world.
  • In Hong Kong, BNY Mellon is creating paths to technology careers for secondary school girls. Through grants in support of the Girls Go Tech program, the company empowers girls as young as age 11 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to supplement their education with a year-long program to learn coding and digital skills. The girls also participate in afterschool clubs and competitions and gain exposure to real workplaces and mentors.
  • In Japan, BNY Mellon strives to help young people with disabilities gain technology skills to overcome barriers to meaningful employment. It is rare for Japanese students with mental and intellectual disabilities to have the opportunity to learn computer skills. By sponsoring a monthly program called LIVES TOKYO, the company helps young people gain the skills and confidence to find their place in an increasingly digital workplace.

Read BNY Mellon’s 2017 CSR Report for more insight into ways the company is making positive, lasting changes in communities across the Asia-Pacific region by supporting digital literacy initiatives.