BNY Mellon Celebrated Earth Day by Kicking Off Six Weeks of Sustainability Focused Events

Apr 25, 2016 6:00 PM ET

On Earth Day, BNY Mellon Kicks Off Six Weeks of Sustainability Focused Events

We are kicking off our 5th annual BNY Mellon “Eco Days” program, which encourages our more than 300 Sustainability Ambassadors in 20 locations around the world to organize Earth-minded events. Running from Earth Day on April 22nd to World Environment Day on June 5th, Eco Days is intended to promote sustainability practices through nearly 30 events for BNY Mellon employees.

Our global locations are using Eco Days to showcase simple ways to save energy and lower carbon emissions, through on-site seminars, online tutorials and other resources. We’re encouraging employees to learn more about the environment and the issues that directly impact the communities where they live and work by joining sustainability-focused volunteer projects including park clean ups. We are also hosting local environment fairs so employees can hear directly from our sustainability-minded partners and contractors about the efforts in their offices and communities.

“As global citizens, we take our commitment to reducing our environmental impact seriously,” said Carol Britton, Head of BNY Mellon Real Estate and Procurement. “Eco Days provides us with the time to encourage our employees to practice energy-saving habits at work, home and elsewhere. It’s an important reminder that we can all contribute to making a positive environmental impact in our local communities.”

To read more about BNY Mellon’s environmental sustainability efforts, read our CSR Report.

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