Better Than We Found It Becomes One of the First Delaware Public Benefit Corporations Today

Becoming a PBC aligns Better Than We Found It, Inc. with their honest, hardworking consumers
Aug 1, 2013 3:00 PM ET
Campaign: PowerfulME
Darrell Park, Founder/CEO of Better Than We Found It with DE Governor Markell and Secretary Bullock

Wilmington, Delaware, August 1, 2013 - Darrell Park, CEO of Better Than We Found It, could not hide his enthusiasm about being one of the first Delaware Public Benefit Corporations certified by the Secretary of State.  With a big smile and lots of somewhat humorous hand waving, the start-up CEO stated, "August 1st should be forever known as independence day for entrepreneurs. PBC’s change everything for the better. It is a far better structure than a traditional corporation for everyone involved including entrepreneurs, employees, investors and society as a whole. This is not just great for shareholders, it is great for the growth and stability of our economy."

About Better Than We Found It, Inc

Darrell Park founded Better Than We Found It, Inc to ultimately honor the courage, vision, and determination of individuals and organizations that empower consumers and make the marketplace more fair and transparent. Through it’s own empowerment tools, Better Than We Found It focuses on turning individuals and businesses into forces of good, instead of just forces for maximizing profits.