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Since 1990, our planet has lost about 129 million hectares of forest, an area equivalent in size to South Africa. Much of this deforestation is driven by agricultural commodity production, a sector that is responsible for between 19% to 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is this...
The profitability of the world’s largest food and agribusiness companies depends on secure access to a reliable supply of commodities, but this secure supply base is increasingly in jeopardy due to climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, and other sustainability issues.
Ceres’ Commit to Climate initiative aims to build private sector leadership on climate action, including supporting climate, clean energy, and clean transportation policies as well as securing strong corporate commitments that advance the goals of the Paris Agreement.
Engage the Chain overviews the environmental and social risks and impacts of eight commonly sourced agricultural commodities: beef, corn, dairy, fiber-based packaging, palm oil, soybeans, sugarcane and wheat. These commonly sourced commodities are among the most prominent drivers of...
Ceres’ 2017 Feeding Ourselves Thirsty analysis ranks over 40 of the largest food sector companies on how they are responding to water risks and how performance has shifted since the first round of benchmarking.This analysis provides company and industry level data on four industries most at...



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