Since 1990, our planet has lost about 129 million hectares of forest, an area equivalent in size to South Africa. Much of this deforestation is driven by agricultural commodity production, a sector that is responsible for between 19% to 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is this deforestation associated with a myriad of environmental and social impacts— from ecosystem degradation to land rights violations to climate change— but these impacts create real operational and material risks for companies and their investors.

Ceres builds investor and business leadership to protect forests around the globe. We work with global institutional investors to engage directly with food and agriculture companies on deforestation risks and to invest in companies with strong no-deforestation commitments.


  • "Zooming In": a February 2018 analysis by Forest Trends' Supply Change Initiative and Ceres about how companies that are committed to addressing commodity-driven deforestation are tracing supplies to their origin to determine the impact their supply chains have on forests.
  • Engage the Chain: an overview of the key operational, reputational and market risks to companies associated with deforestation.

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Dozens of Major Companies Lack Comprehensive Deforestation Policies, New Ceres Analysis Finds
With escalating risks from the world’s climate and nature crises and enhanced European regulatory risks, Ceres released a new scorecard today that reveals few of the largest global companies are taking ambitious action to tackle commodity-driven deforestation.


Investors Talk Deforestation: Q&A with Julie Gorte, Impax AM
Julie Gorte is the Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing at Impax Asset Management LLC and Pax World Funds.


Investors Talk Deforestation: Q&A With Lauren Compere, Boston Common Asset Management
Lauren Compere is a managing director and director of shareholder engagement at Boston Common Asset Management, a management firm specializing in responsible investing with $2.8 billion in assets under management.


Fires in the Amazon: Why Investors Are Calling on Companies to Help End Deforestation
Images of the Amazon rainforests engulfed by smoke and flames that spread across the globe in recent months were a clear signal about the growing urgency to tackle devastating deforestation.


230 Investors With USD $16.2 Trillion in AUM Call for Corporate Action on Deforestation, Signaling Support for the Amazon
230 institutional investors representing $16.2 trillion in AUM are calling on companies to take action in light of the devastating fires in the Amazon, which have been fueled in part because of the deforestation happening in Brazil and Bolivia.
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