Human Rights

The vast number of companies, suppliers, contractors, recruiters and labor brokers involved in today’s global marketplace often obscures the conditions under which work is done and products are made, making identification and eradication of human rights abuses, such as forced labor and human trafficking, a complex and overwhelming challenge. Creating a world in which all humans are afforded the right to work in safe and healthy conditions will require the action of individual companies, as well as intra-and cross-sector collaboration.

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For Companies and Investors, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Must Be Central to Addressing Nature Risks
The historic pact agreed to in December by world leaders to tackle the devastating impacts of global biodiversity loss highlights the critical role that Indigenous Peoples and local communities play in conserving nature.

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Getting Corporate Human Rights Regulations Right Means Finding a “Smart Mix”
We’re in an age where anyone with a cell phone can break a story. And when it comes to human rights violations, we’ve seen time and again how one video, even one tweet, can make a public relations team struggle to respond.

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New SEC Search Tool Finds Inadequate Human and Workers’ Rights Disclosure in Financial Filings
Ceres and CookESG Research released a new tool for identifying corporate disclosure of human and workers’ rights risks and opportunities in annual financial filings. The tool covers more than 5,000 U.S. and foreign companies’ filings (10-K, 20-F and 40-F) to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC search tool also expands Ceres’ work to address investors’ concerns about improving the disclosure of decision-useful sustainability information in mandatory filings.

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Cutting Through the Haze of Business and Human Rights in India
Arriving in Delhi by night doesn’t give you a true sense of the city’s vastness. The low hum of hundreds of taxis whizzing around the airport terminal and the dirt kicked up from the wheels of 11:00 p.m. traffic blur the senses. But when morning came, and I saw the prim, gleaming hotels and office buildings of Gurgaon rise from a sprawling landscape of poverty and poke through the hazy, brown-grey horizon line, a clearer picture of India emerged.
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