Workplace Boost: Executive Presence

Workplace Boost: Executive Presence

Can executive presence be learned, or are charismatic leaders born – not created?
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Can executive presence be learned, or are charismatic leaders born not created? #WINPIttsburgh BNY Mellon explores
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 8:45am

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As part of BNY Mellon’s global diversity and inclusion campaign, the company’s award-winning Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) is diving into the topic of how to confidently navigate your career. WIN, BNY Mellon’s global resource for the professional development and advancement of women, is employee-led with chapters around the world.

During its annual Leadership Conference this month, several hundred attendees joined the WIN Pittsburgh chapter and industry experts to explore ways to boost your career performance, enhance your career image and elevate your career exposure.

Let’s explore key takeaways on the topic of executive presence.

“Executive presence and understanding who gets seen, heard and promoted is critical to helping you confidently navigate your career,” said Ron Placone, Ph. D., Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business.

According to PIacone, many professional learn to effectively build and manage their presence with practical techniques. The goal is to continue to improve how you are perceived.

Start with an assessment of both your ability to influence others and your reliability. Credibility and presence, or confidence, are cornerstones for navigating your career. It’s important to establish credibility and to learn effective influencing techniques.

The conference is part of BNY Mellon’s 2014 global diversity and inclusion campaign. To join our talent community, visit